Blue Archive Beginner Guide 2023

Blue Archive Beginner Guide 2023: The Blue Archive 2023 beginner’s guide may be found here. It aims to completely prepare you for the worldwide release so that you are ready on launch day.

Blue Archive Beginner Guide 2023
Blue Archive Beginner Guide 2023

The Blue Archive game is a well-known role-playing game among RPG enthusiasts, therefore we doubt there is anyone who hasn’t heard of it. Anyone who wants to play this game for free can do so, although it does have some gacha features where you can buy additional characters to add to your teams.

You will be fighting with a team of characters you have chosen for each battle because the focus of this game is mostly on eliminating opponents in battles, thus it’s imperative to learn the best Blue Archive team design technique.

Blue Archive Beginner Guide

If you are unfamiliar with Blue Archive, you will probably find a plethora of information online. We offer some advice to get you started even if it may initially seem difficult and complicated.

I’d want to greet you in Kivitos, a bustling and intriguing academy city. This strategy assumes that Blue Archive Global will start with the same roster as JP. Okay, enough of the politeness. Let’s make a meme immediately. I haven’t rerolled myself, therefore I can’t tell you how. As a result, I recommend that you look up instructions online, especially because they may differ for the Global edition.

As a result, you will have to go through level 1-1’s first half after finishing the instructional job. The first 10 pulls take place at this point; it is unclear at this moment whether or not one of them will be a guaranteed three-star unit. A three-star unit, the highest basic rarity, is what you are guaranteed in this draw.

The characters I consider deserving of a reroll are listed below. When playing video games, you often see characters dashing about; if they die, you also perish. The Strikers are assisted by Specials, invisible individuals, who have a variety of helpful qualities.

Blue Archive Beginner


Haruna is one of three or four Blue-damaging attackers in Blue Archive’s base game. She deals high damage, high damage, and even more high damage; holy cow, she’s fantastic. She’s mad.


She is without a doubt the best tank in the game, as well as the only one having the most tanking-specific talents, such as damage reduction, healing, and taunting. You must swiftly increase her star rating to achieve her major damage-reduction ability.


Without a question, this is among the best endgame content. How would she rate on a scale of 1 to 5 stars? A solid 5 out of 5 stars.


She has a power that gives ability energy, allowing characters to perform their EX skills faster. She is largely on our list for PVP fans, which is great, but she is also generally good and shines in PVE.


Her kit is one of the worst since she has two of the same abilities. Both are dangerous steroids. I can only conclude that she is harmful.


Another top-notch damage creator. Her EX skill performs best in circumstances where she can sit still more because it is her major ATK buff. She is also a sorrowful cat, making her the perfect choice if you like sad cats.


Someone decided that giving this dog a mortar would be a good idea. But after considerable consideration, I must say that I completely agree. Her other abilities are also fire-based, and her EX skill does busting damage.


She serves as the main debuffer for several things. Although she won’t cause much harm herself, she will help others cause a lot of harm. She has a simple Armour Break EX skill.


Will be a crucial need for Blue damage, but until you get her a 3-star rank, at which point she improves, she’ll be another unit you can live without. Her most powerful ability is a DOT that lets her do considerable damage.


She is the lone specialist whose sole purpose is to improve your team. She gains ATK in both her EX and passive allies’ abilities.


Okay, due of her cheap EX skill and the occasional passive heal, Serina is the greatest special healer in the game. She must not be overlooked. It’s understandable given her unremarkable appearance.


She only sees usage in one place. Don’t be concerned about her, but don’t ignore her either. She has tremendous DPS but is expensive; thankfully, many of her hard levels can be farmed.

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