Ghostwire Tokyo Patch Notes 1.008 Update

Ghostwire Tokyo Patch Notes 1.008 Update: Ghostwire Tokyo Patch Notes 1.008 Update, which includes The Spider’s Thread DLC that will arrive today, was released by Tango Gameworks along with the launch of the Xbox Series X|S editions of Ghostwire Tokyo.

Ghostwire Tokyo Patch Notes 1.008 Update
G T Patch Notes 1.008 Update

Ghostwire Tokyo Patch Notes 1.008 Update

  1. The 30-stage gauntlet of the Spider’s Thread mode of play offers in-game cash and skill rewards.
  2. extra places including the neighboring middle school, new quests, and longer cutscenes
  3. The Visitor has introduced new enemies. Such as the sly Retribution and the hidden Silent Gaze.
  4. Akito now has new abilities including Charge Rush and Counter Attack.

Patch Notes 1.008 Update

Life Quality Improvements

  • Players will now be able to identify the sort of nourishment they are holding by looking at a symbol in the HUD.
  • Donation boxes at shrines now include a wish to see a Hyakki Yako, raising the possibility that a player will do so.
  • A few key binding options have been changed to allow for individual assignments.
  • Players may now choose a darker background for mission objective text and subtitles to make them easier to read.

Updates on Triumph and Accomplishment

  • In Scary Stories to Tell at School, complete every newly added side mission regarding the school.
  • Complete every new side assignment introduced that includes photographing ghosts as a spirit photographer.
  • Cleanse all freshly installed torii gates to get more freedom.
  • Gain access to all recently introduced Spirit Skills through workplace training.
  • Purchase every new talisman presented by Unparalleled Talismanic.
  • In the game’s “Unexpected Visitors” quest, defeat at least one of each newly-added type of visitor.
  • Figure fanatic: Play the capsule machines 50 times.
  • Finish “The Spider’s Thread” mode in Views from the Abyss.
  • During “The Spider’s Thread” setting, complete every Nekomata task in Catalog Destroyer.
  • As a welcome to Shibuya keepsake, collect at least one SHIBUYAHACHI stamp.

Existing Trophies Changes

  • All spirits Salvation – Transmute at least all of the city’s spirits.
  • Hero of Shibuya’s primary storyline must be finished when at least 100% of all of the city’s souls have been transferred.
  • Ignore the content updates and complete every side quest in Wishmaker.
  • The liberator cleanses all torii gates, excluding updated material.
  • Using the combined power of their powers, get 40 or more different magatama.
  • DJ Akito: Buy all music tracks except new releases.

Bugs Are Fixs

  • The performance of the entire game has been improved by a number of optimizations.
  • There are no more any complications that may arise while using Picture Mode prior to, during, or following Utena space scenes.
  • Now, the side job sign for “After the End 3” will appear on the map as intended.
  • You may now interact with the locker in the “Crimson Moon” side quest due to a bug that was fixed.
  • Several cosmetic clothing items were altere.
  • A number of emotes were modifi.
  • A problem has been resolve in the HUD’s Mission section.

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