How to Add Crossplay Friends on Rainbow Six Siege

How to Add Crossplay Friends on Rainbow Six Siege

How to Add Crossplay Friends on Rainbow Six Siege: Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is explained in detail. This article talks about the crossplay friends in rainbow Six siege.

Rainbow Six Siege, among the competitive pricing FPS games available, is now cross-playable. Yes, you read that correctly – you’ll soon be able to collaborate with friends across portals, but there are some restrictions.

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How to Add Crossplay Friends on Rainbow Six Siege
How to Add Crossplay Friends on Rainbow Six Siege

Insights: Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft prioritises competitive integrity, so it’s not remarkable that filled crossplay between PC and console will just be unavailable in Rainbow Six Siege. Because of the advantages of a keyboard and mouse over controllers, Ubisoft has stated that it is “wary” of trying to add such a feature.

So, while the feature will be available, it will not be as accessible in the various FPS games that are available. However, this is not always a bad thing. This is everything we realise regarding Rainbow Six Siege crossplay, such as when it’ll arrive, who will be able to play together, and whether or not you’ll be able to disable it.

Inviting Friends and Playing Multiplayer

You have to have the uPlay client in order to invite friends. If you purchased the game through uPlay, you could indeed invite others to become part of your squad using the uPlay client. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Ubisoft’s website has a download link for the uPlay client. (mandatory).
  2. Log in or register for an account.
  3. After logging in, select this same social (friends) symbol from the applied to the top.
  4. Then, to begin adding friends, click the Add Friend icon. You must know their uPlay ID/username.
  5. You will get permission to play Rainbow Six Siege and once they acknowledge your invitation.
  6. Start the game. In the game’s hallway, open the Ubisoft overlay (Shift+F2) and hover out over name of the friend you want to add to your squad. If those who accept, they will appear just on lobby computer monitor in your squad.
  7. You can then recruit up to four pals for your squad in this manner. You can still begin a game even if your roster is not complete because your group will be in connect with random online players.

Disabling Crossplass: Rainbow Six Siege

You’ll be happy to know that Rainbow Six Siege crossplay is disable in the in-game settings if you don’t like playing with others on various platforms.

Warning: Disabling crossplay normally results in longer matchmaking wait times, so if you’re tired of having to visit the main screen every time you want to play a game, you may wish to reconsider.

Cross Progression: Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is gaining cross-progression in addition to cross-play. This indicates that you will be able to make use of the identical inventory and transfer your progress for free to another platform. All you have to do to play on the appropriate platforms is link your Ubisoft account to those platforms.

But you should be aware as the Rainbow Six Siege ranking won’t carry onto a different platform. You won’t be Platinum on consoles if you are Platinum on PC.

That concludes our discussion of Rainbow Six Siege crossplay. While you’re here, have a look at our guide of the finest Rainbow Six Siege commanders to aid you in your upcoming ranked trip.

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