The Best Video Games for Cooperative Play

Cooperative play involves more than one player helping in a game together on one screen. It helps bring people together and develop teamwork skills. You don’t play against each other in these games, but instead, you work together to reach a common goal. It doesn’t matter who you play with, whether it’s your friends, family, or people you’ve met online.

If you’ve never played a cooperative game before and you’re looking for one to try, or you’re tired of checking League of Legends betting odds and want to do something new, then you’ve come to the right place. Below is a list of the best video games for cooperative play to get you started.

The Best Video Games for Cooperative Play
The Best Video Games for Cooperative Play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty is a game almost everyone has heard of, whether you’re a newbie or seasoned gamer, so it is an excellent game for you to try for your first cooperative play. There are a wide range of multiplayer maps and combat weaponry to help you have fun with your friends and come out on top. You may select from a variety of multiplayer modes, so it is best to find the right one for you. Currently, you can have up to 32 soldiers playing simultaneously online.

Crusader Kings III

Ready to see who has what it takes to fight for the throne? Then you will have a great time playing with other on Crusader Kings III. It is designed with a medieval theme with a goal to guide your dynasty to power so you can gain the throne for yourself. There are ways you can form alliances to get there before anyone else and move through the different narrative arcs with ease. Prepare to fight with up to 12 players at once.


Prepare to play with your friends with the ultimate shooting game. While Warframe only allows you to play with up to four players in a team online, which is less than some other games, it provides you with a great gaming experience. It is a simple game, and you just have to work with your team to shoot down all the enemies that get in your way. The best thing? It is a free game that you can download on any console.

Forza Horizon 5

If you love cars and big motors, you’ll no doubt also fall in love with playing Forza Horizon 5. This world racing game is based in Mexico and allows you to choose from over 500 vehicles to race with up to six people in your convoy. Every campaign race available in the solo game is also available for cooperative play. You can even design your own maps and take part in some special and exciting challenges. However, remember that this game is only available on Xbox and PC.


If you really want to put your team-building skills to the test, then you’ll have a fantastic time fighting for survival on Raft. It allows you and up to seven friends to stay afloat on a raft with an aim of staying alive and avoiding the shark-infested waters. Some other objectives involve catching food for your team and finding tools and materials to keep your raft strong. While sharks are the main predators, you may also see a few other surprises along the way. But remember, the more players you have, the more people you need to keep alive.

Dying Light

If you’ve been looking through this list trying to find a cooperative play zombie game, you don’t have to look any further. You can play with up to four players to go through the fictional city of Harran and eradicate the zombies once and for all. To destroy the zombies, you need to jump over their heads and use a range of guns, swords, and grappling hooks to come out victorious. There’s also a sequel to the game you can try out if you love this one enough.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers something a bit more traditional and basic in a cooperative play game. You can build a team of up to four players, and you work together to run and grow an animated farm. Your team must compete with other farms in the neighborhood to see who is best, while also building relationships with the villagers by selling them quality produce for a reasonable price. You can download this game on any console, and it is a sure way to have a fun time with your friends.

Concluding thoughts

Thousands of cooperative play video games are available on the market, but only some will give you the thrill you’re looking for. They offer the same thrill as slot games and gambling, but this time you’ll be playing with some of your best friends. So prepare to strengthen friendships and have the time of your life.

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