Process of Elimination Review Gameplay and More

Process of Elimination Review Gameplay and More: Process of Elimination Review, gameplay and More: The review about the game process of elimination have been a moderate success. With exciting characters and stages the game is making the users involvement in the game nicely.

Process of Elimination Review Gameplay and More
Process of Elimination Review Gameplay and More

Review: Process of Elimination

Elimination process will face a difficult challenge. Few games are even nearly doing what Danganronpa did with its legendary cast. Also, creative crimes to investigate, and amazing discussion mechanism. Since binge-watching the whole series during lockdown, I’ve been craving another grisly crime to solve and have felt like Monokuma.

In light of this and the lack of a Danganronpa 4 in the near future. The Process of Elimination is most likely the closest thing we’ll ever see. Despite the fact that it frequently fails to adhere to its idea and has a couple of anime-inspired irritations that gets in the way.

The idea is quite reminiscent to Danganronpa. You will be going to the remote island of Morgue as common Joe Schmo Wato Hojo to work with a group. They are world’s most gifted and quirky investigators on the Quartering Duke recurrence case.

Skillful Characters: Review and Gameplay

Bookworm Detective possesses an eidetic knowledge, Armor Detective has a large suit of armor, and so on. Downtown Detective conducts all of her investigations using “social deduction.” Naturally, not all detectives are reliable. As the bodies mount, it’s up to Wato to assume command of the group. Also, identify each death as it occurs, and determine who amongst them is a traitor. Some of them might be operating for The Quartering Duke.

Danganronpa and Process of Elimination are very different from one another in that Process of Elimination. It focuses on gathering evidence while Danganronpa emphasises large battles and class trials. Each case is represented by a top-down map where you control each investigator according to their different capabilities to investigate the scene, go over the evidence, and cooperate to gather as much info as you can in a predetermined number of turns.


It’s possible that you’ll occasionally be doing a straightforward investigation, while at other points you’ll need to balance looking for clues with fending against the hazardous robots that wander the island. Process of Elimination’s strategy portions never seem like they could fit into a formula since fresh twists are always added to keep you on your toes. Before they turn on you or die, you’ll also learn to appreciate each of your investigators’ abilities.

Process of Elimination fails miserably when it comes to really making your case, despite its compelling evidence structure. Suddenly, the game returns to its model for visual novels with little to no player interaction. Instead of having to carefully evaluate each information whenever you come over it, you simply need to keep repicking the right response until you find the one that advances the plot. You receive an evaluation at the conclusion of every instance, but there is little incentive to actually consider who to blame for a while because there is no branching plot and no reward for succeeding in a case.

More About the Game

Although the plot is totally adequate and has some surprising turns that left me guessing about who the true mastermind was until the very end, Process of Elimination is truly brought to life by its characters. Every character in this story stands out, whether it’s the intriguing contrast between Doleful Detective’s boldness and weakness, Downtown’s usage of Gen Z terminology (complete with a “no cap”), or Armor Detective’s portrayal of a golden retriever that has been clad in metal plating. Even the “serious” protagonists, like Ideal Detective and Workaholic Detective, have their moments to shine and provide likable, complex personalities.

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