Star Citizen Where to Sell Salvage- Complete Details

Star Citizen Where to Sell Salvage: A variety of gameplay elements are available in Star Citizen, including mining and space and aerial warfare.

The development team is implementing a new gameplay loop in the form of salvaging with update 3.18. Players will be able to scrape ship hulls in Star Citizen and use the material again or sell it.

Persistent Entity Streaming, which was added in version 3.18, significantly increases the utility of this feature by enabling players to rescue ships that may have been in the universe for several weeks.

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Star Citizen Where to Sell Salvage
Star Citizen Where to Sell Salvage

The Salvage profession, a new non-combat career that enables pilots to salvage precious resources and sell them to others, is also a part of the most recent Star Citizen update. The new profession is accompanied by a number of new tools that make it possible to play the game with this new economic career.

These are only some of the enhancements included in the Star Citizen – Alpha 3.18: Lasting Legacy, which also includes new ships, missions, and abandoned colonies as well as aesthetic upgrades. You can access the whole update notes here.

How to Complete Star Citizen Where to Sell Salvage:

Currently, the primary ship in the game employed for salvaging is the Aegis Reclaimer. Because it has two distinct salvage operators who do not actively pilot the ship, this sub-capital ship is best use in multi-crew gameplay.

The Reclaimer’s enormous cargo capacity enables a team to enter the verse and remain there for extended periods of time while salvaging to optimise profits. To carry the salvage stuff into the hold so that new material may be claim, the storage area will need an additional crew member.

The Reclaimer needs four crew members to operate efficiently when all roles (related to salvage) are taken into account. This excludes any turret operators that could be required to thwart any intruders attempting to steal the priceless payload.

The Drake Vulture, a brand-new ship in version 3.18, lets players engage in salvage activities on their own. The pilot can directly scavenge items from the cockpit of this smaller spacecraft. Nonetheless, gamers might want a companion to manage the load in the back of the ship if they want to fast retrieve a lot of stuff.

How to Salvage:

Similar to mining, the player must first approach a ship and switch into salvage mode or take over the salvage operator seat. Players can observe a new HUD while using the salvage modules after doing this.

As previously indicated, players can use the salvaging modules in certain spots in the Reclaimer. As they are independent of the pilot, players will have to coordinate with one another in order to recover every piece of a ship’s hull.

Scraping the ship’s hull will cause it to begin transporting materials to the designated cargo hold. Another player will now need to move the boxes out of the machinery and into the hold.

The multi-tool can salvage ships at a significantly lower cost. To repair the player’s own ship or any allies who may have suffer damage throughout the conflict, this can then be divid. In version 3.18, a new attachment was includ that enables players to swap out their multi-tool item, making it ever-more adaptable.

Storing Salvage:

The new storage refactor mechanics will require players to manually remove the materials from the machine and put them into the hold. This makes it quite simple to store the wreckage efficiently because it automatically arranges the boxes into a grid pattern. While it is feasible to accomplish this on your own in both ships, multi-crew gaming makes it much simpler because a lone player controlling such a large ship would be inefficient and slow.

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