How to Get Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind

Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind: Activision launched a set of glitzy new weapon skins called as Diamond Camo during the previous season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) in the year 2020.

Players will need to work hard to grind out these unique weapon skins instead of getting them through loot crates. For casual players, the requirements to gain these skins are frequently too challenging and call for commitment and expertise.

It goes without saying that it’s difficult to unlock these unique skins. But in addition to looking beautiful, unlocking this skin will demonstrate your perseverance and expertise with COD Mobile. Here’s how to achieve Diamond Camo in COD Mobile as soon as possible.

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Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind
Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind

The gaming mechanic called Call of Duty Mobile HDR Mastery Grind made its debut in COD Weapon Mastery Season 8. Gamers presently have rival lists for mastering a weapon, and COD Weapon Mastery has finally developed a method for players to reliably concentrate on a weapon after two years.

In the past, players would frequently get bored after playing the same pistol for a while after upgrading it up. Because of this, most competitors loathe following convention. If they want to win, players that abuse the meta compel other players who aren’t using the best equipment to take them down.

The best way to get the HDR sniper rifle in COD Mobile Season 3:

Clients truly desire to acquire the HDR Expert marksman Rifle after they reach rank 21 of the new fight pass. New awards come with a new season, and this one merits gradually moving up to since the HDR is likely to raise the bar for range players this season. The HDR is a manual action expert marksman rifle that was initially featured in COD Weapon Mastery Present Day Combat (2019).

During the single-player campaign of the game, it was a phenomenal powerhouse. The weapon excels at dealing tremendous damage over a wide area and can easily one-tap the majority of players, but it falls short in terms of control, precision, and discharge rate.

Players can use the Gunsmith to counteract some of these drawbacks, turning the DHR into a superb long-range melter with increased control and accuracy. Activision, which has identified the following attachments as the most recommended for HDR in their promotional materials, has also endorsed this.

Tips to Get Diamond Camo Guns Fast in COD Mobile:

The most challenging skins to acquire at the moment in the game are the Diamond Camo weapon skins. In COD Mobile, players must grind for days in order to earn these gleaming weapon skins. Also, in order to begin the Diamond Camo tasks, players must first complete the Gold, Platinum, and Damascus camo weapon skins quests. Those who want to obtain the Diamond Camo weapon skins must travel a significant distance.

Running around the map with your guns blazing is the quickest way to get kills. Use the largest magazine you presently have and concentrate your attachments on accuracy with a little Aim Down Sight (ADS) Speed to reduce the amount of time you need to reload.

Any multiplayer game types than the Free For All should be disabled. Map of Shipping 1944, choose. Since this is the game’s smallest map, it will be useful for close-quarters combat to get more kills quickly.

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