Underwater Map Innars Exploration Tower of Fantasy 2.4

Underwater Map Innars Exploration Tower of Fantasy: Innars uses Underwater Combat as a method of planet exploration.

The word “Innars” appears in a new part of Vera. Innars, commonly known as the “Second City,” is a man-made city that predates the Third City. It is no longer in existence. Innars is a place that is located northwest of Mirroria. It reaches the ocean’s floor through an underground cave.

Underwater Map In Mars Exploration Tower of Fantasy
Underwater Map In Mars Exploration Tower of Fantasy

Mirroria has built Innars to function as a second city. It also provides space for Mirroria’s growing populace. due to the fatal radiation and Omnium-related toxins that are still present on Vera’s surface. Submerged in a building is Innars.

Underwater Map In Mars Exploration Tower of Fantasy


The subterranean Karst Cave Z-059 was studied by a Mirroria research team in 2667, and they discovered that it led to a mysterious, vast underground realm with multiple underground rivers. As soon as Mirroria’s leaders realised this, they devised a scheme to address the nation’s resource and population problems by building a second underground city. More than 20,000 Mirroria residents are relocating to the second city once the first phase of development is over. Innars’ building plan officially began in 2668. The projected expansions of the second city are still ongoing today.


  • Attacks made with a physical weapon have a chance to deliver double damage.
  • Flame Flame Attack: Enemies are hit, they vaporise, delivering more damage.
  • Frost Attack: When assaulting, there is a possibility that enemies will get frozen.
  • Volt Volt Attack: Targets have a chance to set off an electric field when they are attacking.


It’s time to set out and discover the newest area that Tower of Fantasy’s Beneath the Great Sea upgrade has added. This significant update adds a new simulacrum named Lan, continues the plot, and includes the first underwater map with a tonne of interesting elements.

If you’ve already finished all the minigames, played all the terrain, and put together your strongest squad, there’s still more to accomplish because this is a big update. Getting underwater necessitates making adaptations to your surroundings as you go through them, whether it’s dodging electric eels, surviving shark attacks, or getting used to the new Dive mechanic that allows for underwater movement.

Your section’s core will be the technologically sophisticating and futuristic metropolis of Innars. There will be other new riddles to find as you swim about in the new places, some of which may net you treasures like black crystals.

Like previous upgrades, the new landscape is vibrant and expansive, but there is also more to do, including, of course, danger (aside from those sharks). The underwater lava that you can see in the depths is one of such threats. One of the two new world bosses may be visible in the Dragon Breath volcano.


  • Dark Crystal ×50
  • Red Nucleus ×2
  • Dark Crystal ×75
  • Special Voucher ×2
  •  Secluded Rock Seeker

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