Hi-Fi RUSH Crack Status – Cracked Status

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Regarding Hi-Fi RUSH

Feel the beat as want tobe musician Chai and his motley squad fight against an evil megacorp with riotous rhythm combat! Hi-Fi RUSH, a brand-new action game by Tango Gameworks. It has an environment that moves in time with the music.

Hi-Fi RUSH Crack Status
Hi-Fi RUSH Crack Status

Hi-Fi RUSH Crack Status

  • RELEASE : 25 January 2023

Start opening the mosh pit for Hi-Fi RUSH, a cutting-edge rhythm-action game available NOW for Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.

All Xbox Game Pass subscribers may also play Hi-Fi RUSH!

In rhythm-amplified combat, where everything from the environment’s motion to the strikes of fighting are timed to the music, you play the role of want tobe rock star Chai and fight back against a malevolent robotics augmentation company.

Hi-Fi Rush syncs every action, like swinging your dependable “axe” and ducking a huge steel fist, to the music. Hi-Fi RUSH is a rhythm-action game with a focus on “activity,” although it is not only stick to the music track.

The ability to sync up with one of Chai’s friends for a deadly tag-team finisher or pull off hefty Beat Hits at the conclusion of a combination, demands players to have a keen sense of rhythm, much like a cymbal crash. Each battle in Hi-Fi RUSH gives you the opportunity to live out your own music video fantasies while flawlessly timing every move with the music.

Hi-Fi Rush Deluxe Edition

Enjoy the VIP backstage treatment with the Hi-Fi RUSH Deluxe Version, accessible now.

The Deluxe Version of Hi-Fi Rush additionally comes with the following:

  •  Two Chai costumes *
  •  Seven bonus Chai t-shirts
  • Guitar skin with an 808 theme, 
  • an 808 alternate skin
  •  20,000 gears to access upgrades and fighting skills. 

(Note: Gears cannot be purchased with real money; they must be earned via game play through exploration and fighting.)

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