Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Release Date, Leaks, New Character and More

Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Leaks: The Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0 game’s most recent leak suggests that the Global server will receive new enhancements. The information that is leaking is there on the Chinese server. It pertains to the new territory and Vera, both of which will undergo further development.

Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Insights

As soon as the game releases in Western regions, it already features a fantastic cast of characters. Since Tower of Fantasy has been available in China for some time, all of the rostered characters are currently available. In the meantime, Western players are patiently awaiting the upcoming patches to include new SSRs in the game.

Tower of Fantasy 3.0
Tower of Fantasy 3.0

Fans eagerly await information regarding potential release dates. It is their favorite upcoming characters. Although, it is unknown whether these new characters will appear on the standard banner or the limited-time banner. 

The fact that players in Tower of Fantasy can “win” a unique weapon with fun abilities. Without having to actually use the character’s skin sets the gacha system apart from the enduringly popular Genshin Impact slightly.

Tower of Fantasy 3.0 Upcoming Characters

  • Lyra: Vespers, Lyra’s special weapon, consists of two giant arms that do physical damage and are reminiscent to the colossus arm relic. When the weapon is fully in charge, she can deliver terrible damage. It is ideally the best for the support position in a squad. This causes the adversary to sustain 20% more damage overall while increasing the damage percentage by 137% of the current attack damage.
  • Baiyeukui: With the element of volt, which is comparable to the electro element in Genshin Impact, Baiyuekui  has been categorising as a DPS character. The volt element of her weapon paralyses an adversary when completely charged, then electrifies them for six seconds. In addition to inflicting damage on the adversary, this also removes any active bonuses. The player has the ability to activate War Intent. It raises the final damage by 15%, when utilising Baiyeukui’s weapon in battle.
  • Tian Lang: One of the future male characters, Tian Lang, employs the element of volt and is presently a China-only character. He is most fit for the DPS position in a team, and his weapon is the Powerbreak. His weapon, which makes use of the volt element, has the ability to immobilise an adversary before electrifying them once it has completely charged. Moreover, it removes any potential enemy buffs and causes significant damage.

Tower of Fantasy 3.0 More Characters: (You Should Know)

  • Cobalt-B: Although being introduced in the game’s beginning as part of the main questline, Cobalt-B is not yet accessible in Western areas. She is best useful as a DPS and carries both the Blazing Revolver and the flame element.
  • Claudia: Claudia, a future SSR who uses a katana and does physical damage, is another forthcoming SSR. When fully charged, her weapon, the Guren Blade, deals Grievous damage and increases the weapon’s normal attack damage by 137%. Once a talent strikes an adversary, Claudia’s weapon at level one generates a stacking damage bonus.
  • Lin: Lin is currently exclusively accessible in China, which makes her quite desirable to those who adore her character design and movement repertoire. There are videos online that show off her move set and weapon because China already has her. She uses a big fan as a weapon called the Shadow Weaver. One of the major reasons she’s well-liked among game fans. It provides a completely new dimension to fighting in Tower of Fantasy and is a rather uncommon weapon throughout the entire game.
  • Ruby: Ruby is a future flame DPS character, which is also exclusively accessible in China at the moment. Sparky, her weapon, is a really adorable one. When Ruby’s weapon is completely charged, the subsequent assault will ignite the foe for a total of 8 seconds, causing damage over time (DOT) every second.

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