Nikke The Goddess of Victory Full Burst Day Event and April Fools Event

Nikke The Goddess of Victory Full Burst Day Event and April Fools Event: Developed by Shift Up and released by Level Infinite for mobile devices (iOS/Android), Nikke is a sci-fi arcade anime TPS game that can be played for free on computers (Windows/Mac) by using an emulator such as BlueStacks or LDPlayer.

The game includes player vs player and cooperative play modes for up to five people in addition to a single-player campaign. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic, far-off future in which mechanical aliens assault the Earth without warning. (+) Goddess of Victory: Nikke’s unusual gameplay (fusing arcade TPS and strategy), good plot and drop rates, F2P-friendliness, and absence of advertisements are reasons why players like it.

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Nikke The Goddess of Victory Full Burst Day Event and April Fools Event
Nikke The Goddess of Victory Full Burst Day Event and April Fools Event


NIKKE will release Nihilister as a Liberated unit with the following characteristics after the March 30th update today:

Although she was undoubtedly hyped before to her debut because of certain leaked information regarding her abilities and her entire design, which exudes individuality, one can ask if it was worth it.

She can potentially be unlock for free as she will be a Liberation-based unit, which is a lifesaver for those who were saving drawings for her. Not everything is perfect, though, since you must complete the following tasks before you may begin Liberating Nihilister.

If you only rely on the daily refreshes, rehabilitating units does take some time, but you may speed up the process by using the gems you were saving for Nihilister.

A ability with a 10 second cooldown that has a maximum damage value of 112.64% of ATK and does damage to all foes within attack range

Her burst talent has a 20 second cooldown, deals damage equal to 158.59% of the target’s ATK, and burns the target for 10 seconds while inflicting damage equal to 13.19% of the target’s ATK.

From this, we can see that her skill cooldowns are rather short and that she is likely focus on killing enemies with her sniper rifle by using the pierce effect, which will cause the S2 to precede the S3 ( strange as it sounds ).

Will she perform similarly to a unit equipped with a rocket launcher, which is more capable of clearing out mobs? She probably won’t, but she still makes up for it in some way by being able to quickly dispatch weaker troops and dealing more single target damage overall.

Set Your Heart Ablaze:

Of course, if the abilities don’t particularly excite you, perhaps her commanding and intimidating appearance will? The design of Nihilister, who is cover in what appears to be mecha-dragon armour, highlights her best traits and she would unquestionably be a fine addition to my Nikke Squad lineup.

Her overall kit sounds intriguing when matched with the correct team, therefore I would personally try to unlock her. Although the procedure would take me a long time, the tasks may be complete by merely playing the game.

Nihilister does not currently show much promise and is made much more challenging to gain for most players by her laborious and late-game unlock requirements. Only time will tell whether or not she will turn out to be a Meta unit.

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