How to get Nano Protective Suit in Tower of Fantasy 2.4

How to get Nano Protective Suit in Tower of Fantasy 2.4: Wanderers can enjoy a tonne of objectives and side quests in the brand-new MMO Tower of Fantasy.

As a result, many of these quests and boss fights will assist players in strengthening their characters’ abilities or improving their arsenal of weapons.

In Tower of Fantasy, Wanderers can use Nano Coating to improve the performance of their weapons, however this ability is only available to Wanderers ranked Level 20 or higher. The numerous forms of Nano Coating and how to obtain and employ them in Tower of Fantasy are all covered in this tutorial.

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How to get Nano Protective Suit in Tower of Fantasy 2.4
How to get Nano Protective Suit in Tower of Fantasy 2.4

The newest MMORPG capturing the interest of the gaming world is Tower of Fantasy. Humanity constructed the Omnium Tower in an effort to obtain the potent energy known as Omnium from the comet Mara. The effects of this activity, however, were severe. You’ll be gathering a tonne of materials and objects as you explore Aida’s environment.

Together with the things, your weapons and clothing will come in very handy as you explore. You’ll need increasingly potent weaponry as you finish tasks and advance. The solution to the question of how players can accomplish it is through weapon augmentation. This article will explain how to obtain and apply Nano Coatings to enhance weapons in Tower of Fantasy.

Sources of Nano Coatings in Tower of Fantasy:

Under the Adventure tab’s Interstellar Exploration, Dimensional Trials, and Omnium Beacon Select activities, you can earn goods for weapon enhancement box I, which are the main source of Nano Coatings.

These are a random drop from purple password chest II’s, which you need Type II chips to open, and you can buy them from the Weapon Store for one Black Gold each. You can only collect Vitality so many times each day because access to the many Select activities requires it.

You can buy some Nano Coating with Black Gold, which you get by pulling gacha banners with Gold Nuclei, but you should spend the majority of it on purchasing weapons to increase the star rating of the ones you already own.

How to get and use Nano Coating:

One of the various materials you can utilise to enhance your weaponry is nano coatings. Your power level will rise as a result, providing you a stronger advantage in combat. In TOF, there are a few different ways to obtain them. How to obtain Nano Coatings in Tower of Fantasy is as follows:

  • Dimensional Trials
  • Omnium Beacon
  • Password Chests II
  • Weapon Augment Kit Box
  • Weapon Store
  • Interstellar Exploration

Remember to choose Nano Coatings when using the Weapon Augment Kit Box, even though Password Chests II is a RNG means of obtaining them.

There are a few prerequisites to meet as you attempt to improve your power level and modify your weaponry. Your weapon must be at least level 30 or higher and you must reach Wanderer Level 20. If you meet the requirements, you can improve and enhance some weapons by going to the weapons upgrading page.

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