Battlefield 2042 4.1 Patch Notes – Everything you need to Know

Battlefield 2042 4.1 Patch Notes: New vault weapons, enhanced chat, updated armor plates, and more are all included in update 4.1.0! Good day.

We’ll be releasing Update 4.1.0, Season 4: Eleventh Hour’s first significant update, the following week. We sincerely hope you are enjoying your time on BattlefieldTM 2042, whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran assisting others who are just joining us.

Battlefield 2042 4.1 Patch Notes
Battlefield 2042 4.1 Patch Notes

An Outline of What’s New Is Given Below:

AEK 971, RPK-74M, and MP443 IBA are new vault weapons. Chat Improvements X6-Infiltration Device Improvement Armor Plate Makeover Upgrades to the OV-P Recon Drone and changes to the Specialist Mastery Progression.

Battlefield 2042 4.1 Patch Notes Issue Resolved:

Battlefield 2042 doesn’t support the midseason patch. New weaponry, an event, and other things have been included in the most recent patch. In addition to the usual corrections and balances that we have come to anticipate from these kinds of patches. Patch 4.1.0 also includes several new features.

As previously stated, your Specialist’s chest will only be protected by IBA Armor Plates going forward. Your head and limbs won’t be protected. Increased experience points and feedback upon eliminating an adversary’s EOD bot
In a friendly goal area, you can now use gadgets like ammo crates and claymore mines to gain experience points known as “Objective Fortified.” When you revive a teammate in a Breakthrough objective area, you now gain Objective Revive XP.

Fixed an animation problem where crawling in prone with a throwable object in hand would cause it to break Resolved a bug that prohibited Renewal at E2 players from throwing grenades through windows. Resolved a bug that might occasionally result in incorrect melee damage while dragging the mouse in any direction just before the hit occurred.

Battlefield 2042 4.1 Patch Notes Gadget Update:

Now, attacking an adversary who is on a ladder with a melee attack deals 50 damage instead of the previous 25 damage. Shortened the traversal sprint latency while bursting through doorways

Now, you can barge through doors while sliding. A problem that would lead to traversal sprint breaking when a vehicle was hastily exited has been fixed. The Fixed a problem that occasionally caused slides to experience unwanted acceleration. And resolved a problem that resulted in a slight degree of unwanted camera shake following a low vault.

To lessen a popping sound at the conclusion, the vaulting motion was smoothed out. Recoilless M5 and G-84 TGM animations have been improved.

To properly work with the Weapon Proficiency HDR Audio update to increase the dynamic range in the mix, the default weapon for Engineer has now changed from the DM7 to the LCMG. We have modified the EBLC-gearbox RAMs to reduce shifting when climbing hills. This will make it easier to hear repetitious audio.

Battlefield 2042 4.1 All Update:

A bug that caused a buzz to be audible after using a sniper scope has been fixed. The audio that plays when various vehicle projectiles, including Air-to-Ground missiles, 40mm and 30mm guns, Kinetic Grenade Pods, and more, are flying by you has been improved. It’s important to note that if you’re dodging such projectiles, you’ll most likely gain from this experience; if not, see a support specialist.

Now, the “update airburst distance” sound will accurately play in response to the range and visuals provided in the UI. Now that it is in the MV-38 Condor, the Repair Tool should be audible more clearly. A projectile from the SPH Explosive Launcher now provides better aural feedback when you get stuck with it.

A problem where Javelin’s lock-on sound or engine sound didn’t play Javelin’s projectile sound wasn’t triggering; this problem has been fixed. Temporarily disabled the ability to defuse Rush MCOM stations with the EOD Bot. This functionality will be re-enabled in a future update

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