Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus Location 2.4 Update

Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus Location 2.4 Update: Tower of Fantasy recently debuted amid great excitement and hype, and for good cause.

One of the initial worries of the developer has been allayed, and several reviewers have noted that the game is objectively different from Genshin Impact. Many players have been moving through the game quickly thanks to these encouraging updates from gamers everywhere.

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Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus Location 2.4 Update
Tower of Fantasy Red Nucleus Location 2.4 Update

There might be a few queries that those of you who chose to enjoy the game at your own pace and play it slowly need to have answered. One of them would be in relation to the Tower of Fantasy’s gacha features and the game’s vibrant Nucleus system.

Each time the Gold Nucleus is pulled, a different rare weapon can be obtained thanks to its connection to weaponry. You can roll characters on the Prosperity of Ida banner using the Black Nucleus. Yet, the Red Nucleus is unique and only used for specific occasions. In this instance, we’re referring to the short-lived Rebirth of Clemency event.

The best way to obtain Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

The gacha system in Tower of Fantasy is accessed by opening the Special Orders menu. All of the Gold, Black, and Red Nuclei you obtain can be used here. The Red Nucleus is more harder to find than the Gold or Black Nuclei, which are both rather common. Red Nucleus can be acquired in a few verified ways.

The simplest and most direct method is to purchase it from the shop for 150 Dark Crystals. In addition to purchasing them via the in-game shop, Dark Crystals are a type of currency in the game that may be obtained through exploring and fulfilling tasks.

Red Nucleus can also be obtained by paying 180 Tanium for the Banges Daily Supply Box. Another type of currency that is only available from a certain shop is tanium. It can be purchased from the particular shop using real-world money. The limited Red Nucleus Gift Packs that may be purchased using Tanium can also be purchased with real-world money.

We advise grinding Dark Crystals using the limited-time events, clearing waypoints, and completing accomplishments if you would rather not spend money to obtain Red Nucleus. Tanium is the method to access the Daily Supply Box if you prefer to go through the cash shop.

Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy How to Use:

When you have your fair share of Red Nucleus, go to the Special Orders page and choose Rebirth of Clemency. You have the option of saving up to 10 Red Nuclei to receive a guaranteed SR/SSR drop or using one order to receive a random prize. In addition, you will receive a guaranteed SSR weapon after using 80 Red Nuclei in total.

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