Sons of The Forest New Cave Location

Sons of The Forest New Cave Location: The Forest caverns are a treasure trove of goods that make the terrifying survival process simpler by giving you a surplus of necessities like ropes, flares, drinks, etc. With several entrances and other horrors around, these places might be challenging to locate. All of the new cave locations in The Forest that the player can visit are listed here.

Sons of The Forest New Cave Location
Sons of The Forest New Cave Location

Sons of The Forest New Cave Location

Let’s begin with the new cave discovered by the Sons of the Forest. Endnight confirms that a whole new underground system has been introduced to the Sons of the Forest map and that the highly sought-after gold armor has been relocated. There are now more wake-up places in the hell cave, and there are also a few more scattered dead cultists around the map.

The new demon fight that has been introduced at the conclusion of the part in the hell cave, though, could be even more significant. Clearly, a new boss requires a somewhat revised conclusion and some modifications to the lore. We’ll let you discover these for yourself as the official patch notes just mention “new plot components.” This may be the finest phrase I’ve managed to write this week.

The fact that Sons of Forest’s rabbits as well as squirrels are increasingly elusive and difficult to catch may make people even more ravenous. The item trying to dupe trick in storage owners has also been eliminated, which will result in a shorter chainsaw charge time.

On the plus side, the glitch almost made the game unplayable. And causing enemies to spawn in your base has been fixed. And torches now burn brighter for better visibility. Additionally. You can now use left-handed objects while flying in the hang glider. And both leaves and money now give you more fuel. The full list of SOTF patch notes can be found here.

Sons of The Forest Cave Location

Sons of the Forest caverns are among the most vital locations to look for essential things. And many of the more potent weapons. And the equipment is guard by dreadful Sons of the Forest mutants there. You should think about setting up. Your base is in one of the more cave-centric parts of the map as you will undoubtedly visit. These caverns several times during your survival journey.

Sons of the Forest weaponry and armor. That can help you survive while fending off swarms of cannibals are among the many items. That you might come upon in Endnight’s sandpit game. The ability to obtain the item locations needed. Achieving the Sons of the Forest ending will depend on your ability to use tools. Hence they are by far the most crucial component of progression.

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