Apex Legends April Fools Event New Skin Rewards and More

Apex Legends April Fools Event New Skin Rewards and More: The Apex Legends April Fools 2023 event has begun and brought with it a lot of fun activities. The OL Nessie gun and some bizarre ammunition can also be obtained in addition to the Nessie badge.

The April Fools Mystery should be solved, some monster eggs should be destroyed, and fun should be had. Let’s take a look at what you can anticipate from the Apex Legends April Fools 2023 event this year.

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Apex Legends April Fools Event New Skin Rewards and More
Apex Legends April Fools Event New Skin Rewards and More

Update: The April 1 event is still going strong! The Nessie Badge is your initial prize. It’s also time to tackle the Apex Legends April Fools’ Day puzzle: Strange reports of creatures and unusual eggs turning up in the Apex Games have been made. Visit it and bring back any legends.Strange monster eggs will be found by you. Take out Ol’ Nessie’s gun and destroy them.

Last year’s April Fools brought additional damage to ziplines and Gold Mozambique. Two uninteresting changes. Shrugtal claims that we won’t have to wait long because the April Fools’ event in Apex Legends will begin in a few hours, at 6PM BST (7PM CET, 10AM PDT, 1PM EDT).

The event will last three days, according to Garret, which is another intriguing piece of information. We discovered a variety of extremely intriguing ideas when sifting through thousands of tweets on twitter. Nessie the monster is rumoure to be connect, whereas spiders are a staple of April Fool’s Day for some participants.

The creator of Apex Legends confirms the hoax:

TiffaJessi, an Apex Legends content producer, tweeted on March 20 asking Respawn Senior Producer Josh Medina if he had any suggestions for April Fools’ Day events. Medina really responded, saying that the devs had already completed their plans for April 1.

“No, we’re finish already because it’s in two weeks,” This verifies that there will be a few practical jokes on April 1st, but it doesn’t provide any information about what to anticipate on that day.

One Apex Legends player remarked that the comedy would be the anti-cheat actually doing its job in response to the developer’s message. User E Trash E predicted that the anti-cheat feature will only last a day.

Several users were keen to offer some humorous and ridiculous suggestions earlier in March for the developers to trick players on April 1. One player suggested the concept that you may use any sight in the game on any weapon for just 24 hours. The expectation of what developers will actually do will continue to grow as April 1 draws closer.

What is New:

First off, the Warriors Event brings 24 new skins, as usual. They contain legendary skins for Ash, Octane, Horizon, and Lifeline including “Synthetic Huntress,” “Riding Dirty,” “Jewel Olympus,” and “Combat Survivalist.” You can buy or craft all 24 of these goods, and when you do, you’ll receive the newest Apex Legends heirloom as payment! Biwon Blade, Crypto’s Heirloom, is what it is.

There is a reward tracker that is a regular component of the Collection Events where you can earn points to unlock gifts by successfully completing daily challenges. These prizes consist of stat trackers, Apex Packs, and fresh Legends and weapon skins. As part of this event’s reward tracker, we will receive a fresh Mirage skin.

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