WWE 2k23 Update Patch 1.04 Release Date Fix Bug and More

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Release Date Fix Bug and New Features: Due to an early access period bundled with the more expensive game edition. Owners of the WWE 2K23 Deluxe Edition may already play the wrestling simulation. However. Everyone else only needs to wait one more day to join them.

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Release Date Fix Bug and New Features
WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Release Date Fix Bug and New Features

Before allowing additional players into the arena. 2K Games will of course want to make sure everything is functioning as it should. It’s true that the early access period has brought to light a few noteworthy problems and glitches. Some of these may really cause crashes on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions.

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Release Date:

The whole WWE 2K23 patch notes for update 1.03, which will be made available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One, detail the problems that the designers plan to fix before the game’s release.

For WWE 2K23 update 1.03 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, you should budget a download size of 1.36GB. These are the contents:

For launch day, polish and stability fixes.
Enhancements to the interoperability of CAS (Create-A-Superstar) parts.
Superstars now interact better with objects that are lying on the ground.
Notes on the WWE 2K23 1.03 patch: PS4, Xbox One, and PC
WWE 2K23 update 1.03 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One will require a download size of 8.21GB, which is far larger than the current-gen patch.

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Update:

Here is what is contained:
difficulties with several game types, such as Triple Threat and Fatal-4-way matches, were addressed.
a missing audio/music problem was fixed.
resolved a number of game-crashing issues.
fixed issues with sporadic stuttering.
bugs in the animation were fixed.
framerate drop problems were addressed.
added fixes for game stability.
added enhancements to overall performance.
some little game improvements.

The WWE 2K23 update 1.03 has gone live only one day before early access ends, bringing with it a critical hotfix and some extra stability before the new game is released worldwide. It has also been revealed how much this update will download if you’re concerned that your console doesn’t have much room.

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Fix Bug:

The official WWE 2K23 update 1.03 patch notes from 2K, which provide information on precisely what has been fixed in this most recent hotfix, have fortunately already been made available. The known bugs that were not repaired in this version have also begun to be confirmed by a number of gamers.

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Release Date Fix Bug and New Features
WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 Release Date Fix Bug and New Features

The official WWE 2K23 update 1.03 patch notes have already been made available via the verified WWE 2K Discord, following the deployment of the hotfix earlier this evening. The patch notes showed that not much had changed this time around, despite the fact that it’s encouraging to know that there are still some improvements being done before the worldwide debut.

Official WWE 2K23 Patch Notes 1.04:

For launch day, polish and stability fixes
Enhancements to the interoperability of CAS parts
The interaction of Superstars with items on the ground has been improved.
In matches, especially the more chaotic ones like WarGames, interacting with objects can be problematic because they occasionally move erratically when being picked up. Hopefully, this update will help to tidy that up a little bit.

WWE 2k23 Patch 1.04 New Features:

WWE 2K23 update 1.03’s exact console storage requirements are now known because it has been fully distributed. The file size is roughly 1.39 GB if you’re using an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. At 1.3 GB for PS5, the download is just a little bit smaller.

Players claim the PC download is up to 5.2 GB in size in the meantime. According to some users. The PS4 download required a hefty 16.6 GB to install. Making it the game with the highest file size.

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