Free Fire 2023- Complete Call Back Event Now!

Free Fire Journal.Com: Free fire Journal is using to get cosmetics and items by completing the pages of the journal. Free fire journal is an icon situates near the bottom right of your screen. The icon of the journal looks like a book.

Free Fire

Free fire is used to get cosmetics and items by completing the pages of the journal.

The FF journal icon or logo has the initials of ‘FF’ on its cover and is look like a book cover. General is located at the bottom right and second last option. It is located at the second position from the bottom right. After clicking the journal gamers should see an in-game journal.
The journal has all the collectibles in the game.

Free fire: Free fire is the most popular multiplayer game in India. The online battle royale game is Developer by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and also iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. The game received the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019.

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Journal in Free Fire: Complete Call Back Event Now

Free fire is the game known for its regularly happening events. However these events are regulatory happening events, and free fire somehow manages to add new cosmetics and items in every event. These items and cosmetics are different and better from each other.

Many players misses free cosmetics and also items earning, a regularly happening event which is called a journal. You can get many rewards items and cosmetics in the journal by completing the pages of the journal. Journal is used to get cosmetics and items by completing the pages of the journal by completing the Free Fire call back event.

Mainly journal is completed in two sections one section is called Discovery and the other is called a weapon. However, if there are new players in the game and players who don’t play often, then most of the weapons, collectibles, and map locations are not unlock in the journal. Then they have to complete the journal in two sections which are mentione in the first line of the same paragraph.

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Free Fire
Free Fire

Sections of Free Fire Journal

Let us now talk about the two sections of the journal, which is important if you are a new player or really touch the free fire.

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Free Fire


Discoveries sections are about exploring in-game map locations, certain events, and vehicles. Players in a free fire should complete all visits to locations on the map to obtain free chest rewards in FF call-back event.
Completing each part of the journal, and each page of the journal gives gamers in-game free rewards.

The second section is a weapon


The weapon is the easiest section to complete in the journal. Players only need to complete a certain sub-option of a particular weapon page. This will grant the player free in-game rewards.

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