The Fascinating World of FFXIV Mounts: A Comprehensive Guide

Acquiring FFXIV Mounts: Acquiring FFXIV Mounts In FFXIV, mounts can be obtained in various ways, from completing quests and achievements to purchasing them with FFXIV Gil or real money. One of the most common ways to get mounts is through the main story questline, which awards players with a few mounts as they progress. Additionally, some mounts can be obtained by completing side quests, defeating bosses, or participating in special events.

For those looking to expand their mount collection quickly, purchasing mounts with FFXIV Gil or real money is also an option. However, this can be expensive, especially for rare or exclusive mounts. It’s worth noting that some mounts are only available during certain times of the year or as part of limited-time promotions.

The Fascinating World of FFXIV Mounts
The Fascinating World of FFXIV Mounts

Using FFXIV Mounts

Using FFXIV Mounts Once you have acquired a mount, it’s time to take it for a ride! To use a mount, simply summon it from your mount guide, which can be accessed through the main menu or a hotkey. Once summoned, you can ride your mount around the game world, allowing you to travel faster and farther than on foot.

Many mounts also come with special abilities or perks, such as the ability to fly or swim. To access these abilities, you’ll need to complete certain prerequisites, such as unlocking flying in a specific area or completing a certain questline. These abilities can make your mount even more useful and impressive.

Showing Off FFXIV Mounts

Showing off FFXIV Mounts For many players, collecting mounts is a way to show off their accomplishments and dedication to the game. FFXIV features a wide variety of mounts, from mundane creatures like horses and chocobos to exotic beasts like dragons and unicorns. Some mounts are more rare and exclusive than others, making them even more valuable and impressive.

In addition to simply riding your mount around, there are other ways to show off your collection. For example, you can display your mounts in your personal housing, allowing visitors to see your collection. You can also use mounts as part of your character’s glamour or cosmetic appearance, making them even more visually striking.

Where to Buy FFXIV Gil

Where to Buy FFXIV Gil As mentioned earlier, purchasing mounts with FFXIV Gil is an option for those looking to expand their collection quickly. However, acquiring FFXIV Gil can be challenging, especially for new players or those without much time to invest in the game’s economy. That’s where buying FFXIV Gil from a reputable third-party seller can come in handy.

One popular and trustworthy platform for buying FFXIV Gil is PlayerAuctions. This marketplace offers a secure and convenient way to purchase FFXIV Gil from other players. With competitive prices and a reliable system for ensuring safe transactions, PlayerAuctions can help you fund your mount collection without putting your account at risk.

While collecting mounts can be time-consuming, the effort is well worth it for many players. The satisfaction of finally obtaining a rare or exclusive mount is a feeling that is hard to replicate in other areas of the game. Plus, having a collection of mounts that are visually striking and unique can be a great way to stand out in the game world.

Exclusive and Limited-Time Mounts

In addition to the mounts mentioned in this guide, FFXIV also features a variety of limited-time or event-specific mounts, such as holiday-themed mounts or those tied to specific in-game events. These mounts are highly sought after by players and often only available for a short period of time, making them even more exclusive and valuable. Keep an eye out for these special mounts and be sure to participate in the events and promotions that offer them. With dedication and perseverance, you can build an impressive collection of FFXIV mounts that will turn heads and make your adventures even more memorable.


In conclusion, FFXIV mounts are an integral part of the game and provide both practical benefits and personal satisfaction for players. Whether you’re just starting to collect mounts or are a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to discover and enjoy in the world of FFXIV. Happy hunting!

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