The Best Trade Routs in Star citizen

The Best Trade Routs in Star citizen: Stanton is a brand-new star system that may be explored by players in the fantastic sandbox game Star Citizen. It is a fantastic time for new players to try their luck in Star Citizen because a completely new system is coming soon.

After a few hours of gameplay. It becomes obvious that the player requires money (aUEC) to buy additional accoutrements like ships, armour, and weapons. Depending on the player’s beginning budget. This tutorial will go through a few of the greatest ways to make money in Star Citizen.

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The Best Trade Routes in Star citizen
The Best Trade Routes in Star citizen

Some of the more enjoyable ways to earn money in Star Citizen are bounty hunting and mercenary operations. Although purchasing a weapon and armour will demand some upfront cash. It won’t take much for players to start their careers in this field.

To prove to the local security officials of the Bounty Hunters Guild that they are capable of handling targets of greater difficulty. The player must first accomplish an introductory mission. The player can start with Very Low-Risk Targets (VLRT) after completing the first mission and work their way up to Extreme Risk Targets (ERT), which pay out 25,000 aUEC. Due to the difficulty of the adversaries, a specific fighter ship is needed for this.

 boarding an 890 Jump:

Mercenary missions include a variety of activities. Such as boarding a 890 Jump and taking out adversaries on foot in bunkers. Players should start by accepting the “A Call to Arms” task. Which will pay them for each opponent they murder with a crime stat.

There is a different security service for each location and planet; for example, Crusader has Crusader Security, whereas microTech has MT Protective Services. The player can establish a reputation quite quickly and begin receiving greater rewards by concentrating on one of these factions.

Although they might at first appear a little boring, delivery missions are an excellent way to start exploring the solar system and getting to know the specifics of the player’s starter spacecraft. The player will be able to access missions that pay out 45,000 aUEC as their faction rank (such as Unified Distribution Management) rises.

Cargo Hauling Routs:

One of the finest methods to earn money in Star Citizen is cargo hauling, even though it is not a core mission through the contract manager. To get the most out of the gameplay cycle, this does call for some significant planning.

The Hercules and Caterpillar are without a doubt the two ships that can maximise revenues in this venture. Gamers should educate themselves with the greatest Cargo ships in Star Citizen to evaluate which one best meets their needs.

Players will need to stay up to current on which commodities will make them the most profit and where to buy and sell them because the in-game economy is always changing. Also, they should be aware that other players may be searching for the same trade routes, which will make this a somewhat competitive gameplay cycle. They must be prepar for a fight if necessary because these players might not be friendly either.

The player can gain a better understanding of how this system operates by watching some of the excellent guides on YouTube. Before diving into cargo carrying, there are a few nuances to be aware of because it is so intricate.


Given its steep learning curve and challenging features, mining can be a challenging gameplay loop for novice players to enter. Mining is not instantly accessible to the player, and admission is very pricey compared to other objectives in Star Citizen.

Players can purchase two major ships that are excellent for mining. The ARGO Mole and the MISC Prospector. Both have the machinery needed to make mining and storing the quantanium commodity possible. Yet, they are employed in distinct ways.

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