Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date, Rewards, Patch Note and More

Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date: The Release of Alpha 3.18, Which Was Initially Planned for Late Last Year, Was Postponed until January 2023. to Gather More Player Feedback and Make More Adjustments Before to A Full Release. The Developer Did, However, Extend the Test Server Period. Which Caused an Additional Delay.

Later This Week, Star Citizen Alpha 3.18 Will Formally Go Live on Live Servers. Although a Precise Release Date Has Not yet Been Announced and Is Unlikely to Do so Given that Cloud Imperium Games Frequently Releases New Patches without Warning. At Least We Now Know that We Won’t Have to Wait Any Longer than This Sunday at The Earliest.

Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date
Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date

Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date Declared:

With the Upcoming Update. Players Can Also Anticipate a Wipe that Will Affect All the Items They Have Already Purchased with In-Game Currency. You Will Still Have Access to Any Ships You Have Paid for With Actual Money, Though. The Previous Time Star Citizen Experienced a Wipe. The Creators Did Compensate Each User with A Specific Sum of In-Game Cash Based on The Total Worth of Their Possessions.

Following a Patch. Players Are Strongly Advised to Delete Their User and Shader Folders for The Public Client, Especially if They Begin Experiencing Strange Character Graphics Difficulties or Loading Crashes. C:Program Files Roberts Space Industries Star Citizen Live Is Where You Can Find the User Folder (in Default Installs). %localappdata%star Citizen Is Where You Can Find the Shader Folders.

Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date New Rewards:

The Material Like Task Givers or Weapons Is Not Discussed; This Page Simply Details New Roadmap Elements. Major Gameplay Elements and Ships Are Tracked. This Article Does Not Cover Updates to Significant Features Once They Are Included in The Game. Existing Feature Improvements Are Excluded. If They Are Important Enough to Be Taken Into Account, Significant Reworks of Ships or Features Might Be Added.

You May Anticipate Full Access to The Drake Vulture in Alpha 3.18, Which Will Be the First Ship in The Game Specifically Designed for Hull Scraping and Salvage, a Brand-New Task in The Universe to Earn In-Game Currency. Aegis Reclaimer Will Also Be Given the Ability to Salvage in Addition to Vulture. You May Also Anticipate Some Environmental Upgrades, Including as New Crash Sites in Daymar, Rivers in Micro Tech and Hurston, and Explorable Sand Tunnels.

Persistent Entity Streaming. Which Will Simply Allow All Objects to Live in All Servers. It Is the Most Significant Technological Improvement in 3.18. as A Result. when The New Update Goes Live. You Won’t Lose Your Ships or Treasure when You Disconnect from A Server. There Will Be No Loss of The Items You Were Carrying. Unlike Before when You Had to Reconnect to The Exact Same Server You Had Disconnected From.

New Jail Chores and Side Missions, as Well as The Reactivation of Security Post Kareah, Which Combines Pv E and Pv P Options, Will Be Provided by Cloud Imperium Games for Those Looking for Fresh Activities. in Alpha 3.18, the Siege of Orison Event Will Also Get Some Updates.

Star Citizen 3.18 Release Date Patch Notes:

The Amazing Persistent Universe in Star Citizen Is Available to Everyone for Free While the 3.18.0 Patch Is Active. We’re Giving Every Account a Beginning Ship as A Loaner for The Duration of The Convention, so You Can Try It out For Free Even if You Don’t Have a Star Citizen Game Package and Go to The In-Game Event in Style.

You Must First Register for An Account on The Official Star Citizen Website in Order to Become a Citizen of The Verse. After Purchasing the First Pack, if You Register Using the Button Below, You Will Earn 5,000 Uec to Use In-Game.
For the Same Reason, You Can Also Provide the Following Code when You Begin the Registration Process: Star-Gsy5-Nkks.

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