Sons of The Forest Unlimited Logs-Complete Details

Sons of The Forest Unlimited Logs: The cannibals are plentiful in the woods in the survival horror game Sons of the Forest, so you’ll need to store up on supplies if you want to survive.

In this game, there are many factors conspiring against you, including the occasional scarcity of resources. Logs are a fundamental resource that can be used to build flooring, bridges, steps, and a variety of other useful structures. You no longer need to search the forest for logs thanks to a new duplicate bug. So how precisely do you carry out this bug? Here is a method for Sons of the Forest’s unlimited log duplication.

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Sons of The Forest Unlimited Logs
Sons of The Forest Unlimited Logs

You must clear the forest in Sons of the Forest in order to construct log homes, bases, and other structures. But there is still a lot of chopping to be done even with Kelvin’s assistance. Is it possible to move things along more quickly? You might have been considering whether Sons of the Forest allows you to stock a limitless number of logs in your log holder. Here is the solution.

How to Duplicate Logs:

There are a number other log duplication bugs, but some of them have restrictions, such the requirement that you play online. Fortunately, there is a fantastic offline solution that makes it simple to clone as many logs as you like.

Keep in mind that the developer Endnight Games will probably patch this shortly, so you should act quickly and use this bug as soon as possible. You must lay out a Lean To plan for the optimal approach. Find the Lean To in your book, open it up, and set the clear shell down there.

After that, position your character at the building’s back corner and move up close to it. To make the tiny hotbar vanish, you’ll need to place your character parallel to the rear wall and look to the right.

The hotbar, which provides you with a list of resources and other UI features, is visible if you’re gazing too far to the left. Yet, if you squint just a little bit to the right, the hotbar will disappear. Afterwards, press C to disassemble, which will thereafter continuously create entire logs in front of you.

Is there a catch?

There are several things to keep in mind. The first way to achieve this is for the host of a multiplayer game to do so by going to the multiplayer folder rather than the singleplayer folder. But, it’s feasible that Endnight Games, the company behind Sons of the Forest, will start prosecuting cheaters and exploiters in the future.

So, you use this at your own risk if you use it in a multiplayer game. Although there shouldn’t be any indication that you’ve cheated after using up all the logs, don’t hold us to that. You’re altering save files, which isn’t technically permitted by the developer.

Second, employing this technique might result in one or two glitches. Avoid the temptation to enter a ridiculously high number. We inserted 9,999,999 logs out of greed, and every time we attempted to load the altered save, the game crashed.

We discovered that chopping away at the log holder also crashed the game, even with 9,999 logs. So, we advise you to stick with 1,000 logs and wait until the log holder is completely empty before attempting to break or disassemble it.

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