Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest

Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest: By tearing down a log cabin that hasn’t really been built yet, you can copy logs indefinitely using the Sons of the Forest Log Dupe glitch.

It’s a little complicated, and we anticipate that it will be fixed as quickly as possible, but once it’s set up, Sons of the Forest players can generate an endless supply of logs to build a variety of structures. Although there are several methods for duplicating logs, we can attest that this one works because we personally used it. Here’s a brief explanation of the Sons of the Forest log duplication bug and how to quickly and successfully stop deforestation Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest.

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Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest
Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest

Such things haven’t been around for very long, but if you’re looking for an efficient way to get items, this Sons of the Forest item duplication bug is ideal for you. You might be having trouble gathering everything you need as you begin your new trip and try to survive cannibals, but this clever little tip might make your life a whole lot easier and guarantee that you receive some scrumptious extra stuff in the process Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest.

How to make Sons of the Forest container goods duplicates:

You’ll need to build a shelter so you can save the game in order to take advantage of this bug or feature. This is because you’ll want to repeatedly leap out and back in.

There should be a tarp around the crash site; find it. After that, place it where you want it to be. Send Kelvin go to get sticks after that, along with the notepad. When he comes back with some, shoot for the corner of the put tarp so you can support it. After one or two corners are functional, you can go to bed or save your game Log Duplication Glitch 2.0! Sons of The Forest.

You want to steal everything from the shipping boxes. At a shelter, save your game after that. Return to the main menu to end the game. Proceed and open the file you saved. Once you’ve loaded in, the containers will be once more locked and available for looting. So, you can carry out this practise repeatedly to store up on some essentials.

The Sons of the Forest log duplicate problem appears to have been fix by Endnight Games as of Patch 01, the game’s first significant patch. There might still be a workaround for this or a means to duplicate container elements.

In either case, you can always count on bugs like this one, which potentially misuse the game’s resources, to be quickly correct. Try the solutions we listed above in our article; if nothing seems to work, the issue has probably been resolved forever.

The physics engine in Sons of the Forest:

We really can’t stress caution enough when it comes to the logs falling on you and your teammates, despite the obvious benefits of this bug. Sons of the Forest’s physics engine makes loose things roll around a lot, and any creatures that are hit by or land on a log sustain harm.

The logs usually spawn above you and land on your face since players usually gaze up when they trigger the log duplicate glitch, looking at the crucial trigger point on the side of the empty cabin frame. Even if they don’t do that, they’ll probably fall to the ground on top of a pile of brand-new logs and roll around, colliding with your legs and inflicting harm.

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