Fortnite New Spring Event- Complete Details

Fortnite New Spring Event: Easter is a pretty special time of year in Fortnite, a well-known battle royale game from Epic Games.

Loopers get to utilise Easter-themed weaponry and gear, seek for eggs that are buried all over the island, and even dress up as Easter-themed characters. Even though the event last year was rather cut and dry, this year will be different.

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Fortnite New Spring Event
Fortnite New Spring Event

Leakers have been able to sift through the game data and discover a gold mine of details about the impending Easter surprise. As always, all of this material should be treated with a grain of salt because it was leaked. In light of the foregoing, here is what gamers can anticipate from the upcoming Easter event.

Fortnite Easter 2023 has a fantastic line-up:

It’s preferable to state the obvious—that there won’t be a live Easter event—before getting into the leaks. Everything will take place in-game, and the celebration may begin with a single theatrical video.

Going on, leakers claim that Spring Fling is the name of the Easter event’s stand-in. The name is undoubtedly quite appropriate given that this is scheduled to take place in or near spring.

Players can complete unique tasks and missions during the Easter event to receive rewards, including perhaps cosmetic goods. This sounds rather apt for the next Fortnite event given how Epic Games has been giving away a lot of free stuff lately.

There will also be “Spring” and “Golden Eggs,” which heal players and temporarily grant them the “Low Gravity” effect. Most likely, this effect will work exactly the same way that the Soaring Sprints Reality Augment did for players.

Speaking of Reality Augments:

Speaking of Reality Augments, it appears that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 will also feature new ones over Easter. Although the leaker doesn’t say how many Reality Augments there are, at least two or three should be included.

During Easter, whole new varieties of chicken will also be introduced to the island. But, it’s likely that they will just be featured for the event and vaulted after it is over. These hens are said to lay products and/or eggs that gamers can use.

The Egg Launcher will also be introduced to the loot pool for the forthcoming event after being unvaulted. This weapon behaves similarly to a grenade launcher in the game, except that it launches eggs rather than grenades. There will undoubtedly be enjoyable occasions in the future, in general.

When does Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2’s Easter event begin?

The leaker claims that the event will begin on April 4, 2023, even though there is no official start date or even an announcement from Epic Games. The developers will want to include the items/assets before the celebrations start because Easter is on April 9, 2023.

This choice will probably result in a lot of hype and offer players plenty of time to participate in the event, complete the challenges, and try out all of the Easter-themed in-game activities and tasks. This pattern will probably be repeated because Epic Games always adds stuff to Fortnite a few days before the actual event, occasion, cooperation, or crossover can happen.

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