Blue Archive Phrenapates Update

Blue Archive Phrenapates: Of Anime RPGs released in the past few years, Blue Archive is one of the most well-liked. On November 8th, 2021, it was first made available, and since then, it has amassed a fan base unmatched by practically any other game of the same genre.

Blue Archive Phrenapates Update
Blue Archive Phrenapates Update

This is mostly attributable to the game’s interesting gameplay, captivating story, and waifu characters. Also, the studio chose to run two different game versions concurrently starting in October 2022, one geared towards casual gamers and the other geared towards culturally corrupt people like you and me.
How well-known is it, though? Since its introduction two years ago has the game been improving or has it been in a constant state of decline. In order to examine that, we are here today.

Blue Archive Phrenapates Updates:

In November 2021, Blue Archive launched to a sizable audience. The game was downloaded by 1.2 million users, who spent $9 million playing it in just three weeks.
Those are very astounding stats for a fresh release, and a Nexon one at that. The numbers may appear a little low, though, especially compared to more recent films like Tower of Fantasy ($34 million), Memento Mori ($15 million), and NIKKE ($100 million), which received a staggering amount of attention.
Yet first impressions might be deceiving. Tower of Fantasy is a good example of this. Its player base fell by 95% in just 4 months from 5 million to 200,000 and from $34 million to $5 million each month.

Phrenapates Blue Archive January updates:

The true shaping of events started in January 2022.
At this point, the game had been released for a number of months, many players had completed everything it had to offer, and Blue Archive had its first banner recruitment event, with Cherino and Karin running through January 25 and Azusa, Hanako, and Hibiki running from January 25 through February 8th.
Players started to see the numbers were not stabilising at all, yet it still managed to amass an additional 110,000 new downloads and $2.8 million in revenue.

Given that January normally has a lower rate of spending due to everyone’s spending habits during Christmas, February should have been a more financially successful month than January.
Admittedly.. But that wasn’t the case. Despite the prior banners still being active, Hifumi and Koharu’s banners starting on February 8th, and Mashiro and Hifumi’s swimwear becoming accessible on February 22nd, Blue Archive still managed to add another 100,000 new downloads and make $2.8 million.
Yet this was the first time in 4 months that the game had steadied, and $3 million a month is a great location to base yourself.

Blue Archive Phrenapates Money Rewards:

Along with an increase in gamers, May also witnessed an increase in revenue, with 120,000 new downloads and $2.9 million.
Certainly, the Bunny Girl attire worn by Neru, Asuna, and Karin played a role in that. They were very amazing, and they’re where I got a lot of the thumbnails for my Blue Archive. Also accessible for pickup were Natsu and Mari.

120,000 new players downloaded the game in June, which was about the same as the prior months with a slight decline in revenue to $2.8 million. The Hatsune Miku collaboration event and Ako, which ran for only two days in June before continuing into July, were the only banners that were visible in June.

It is clear that Blue Archive is not lost cause. 
The developers of this game, on the other hand, are aware of what their players want and really comply with those wishes.

Making it one of the most well-liked Gacha games in the whole globe.

With its depth, richness, and ability to provide players with game that is much different from what is often seen in the genre, Blue Archive is tonne of fun.

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