Blue Archive Global Banner List-Complete Details

Blue Archive Global Banner List: Blue Archive has a variety of banners. These banners may offer better prices in exchange for a certain high-tier student or even the chance to hire exclusive, limited characters.

Blue Archive Global Banner List
Blue Archive Global Banner List

We will provide you with all our information on the existing and forthcoming banners, pull rates, and what happens if you receive duplicates in our Blue Archive banner guide. To indicate what to anticipate in the future, we’ve also provided a collection of prior Blue Archive banners and a timetable.

Blue Archive Global Banner List

There is a minimum of one two-star student for every 10 summons, and students vary from one-star grade (lowest) to three-star quality (highest). Also, you may earn recruit points through the Blue Archive banner system for each student you draw. You can select the three-star student of your choosing by spending 24,000 pyroxenes (200 pulls) on a banner. Nevertheless, these points are not carried over to the subsequent banner, and those that are not spent during the current banner are changed into craft supplies.

Blue Archive Moe

Because of the SRT Special Academy’s emphasis on firepower, Moe decided to enroll. However, the academy was abruptly closed, so she is currently camped out in the park with the other members of her unit. While she has an odd preference for destroying and blowing things up, she is a reliable operator. A candy bar is almost always in Moe’s mouth since she has a tremendous sweet tooth.

Blue Archive Kazusa

An easy-going and calm person who is a part of Trinity Integrated Academy’s After School Sweets Club. She frequently moves in lockstep with the other club members, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. The idiosyncrasies of individuals around her are often difficult for Kazusa to ignore, but she also treasures such times.

Blue Archive Natsu and Mari

Natsu, an individual who attends Trinity Integrated Academy, identifies as a romantic and serves as the After School Sweets Club’s main troublemaker.  Natsu frequently makes philosophic remarks and uses the metaphor of candy. Everyone is often confused by her unpredictable outbursts, but in truth, she only wants to partake in the romance with everyone, no matter how bizarre they may seem to others. Sadly, her inconsistent use of the word “romanticism” gives the appearance that she is playing games with people.

Mari is a Sister of Trinity Integrat School and is a devout and honest young lady. Her serene demeanor and kind, eternal smile have enchanted the innumerable pupils who have sought her counsel in addition to making her look adorable at first glance. Mari is conscious of her inexperience and is always thinking about how she hopes to one day become a good Sister like her seniors.

Hina (Swimsuit)

the head of Gehenna Academy’s disciplinary committee, who went to the coast for a training camp. She unwillingly went to the beach for training despite her general dislike of exerting a lot of effort. As she seldom played at the beach as a child. She is wearing a swimsuit and rubber ring since that time. Hina tries to justify this by arguing that it “would be a waste” if she didn’t use them. But she secretly knows that her old swimsuit from school still fits. Irrespective, Irrespective of Her

Iori (Swimsuit)

The heartless member of the disciplinary committee at Gehenna Academy attended a training session during the summer. Along with the other members of the Disciplinary Committee. She monitors the beach in an effort to prevent the trouble kids from getting carri away over the summer. Iori isn’t exactly please with the way she’s arguing with the persistent troublemakers since arriving at the beach. Even if she doesn’t express it.

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