Blue Archive Final Chapter – Main Story Chapter 4

Blue Archive Final Chapter:PHT (Phrenapates) Decisive Battle is the third event with the Combined Operations mode and the 23rd event in the Blue Archive.

It has a direct relationship to the just published Final. Chapter 4 of the primary narrative and A-H.A Conquest II. This means that before reading this event tale, it is advised to read all the preceding main story volumes and prequel chapters.

Notes: When the event has ended, players can still read the narrative from the Main Story tab if they missed it. The only mode that is time-limited in this situation is combined operations Blue Archive Final Chapter.

After maintenance, Chapter 4, Episode 01–06 will be made available. After this event is finished, Episode 07 and later will be accessible. There won’t be any standard mechanics like quest stages, accomplishment missions.

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Blue Archive Final Chapter
Blue Archive Final Chapter

Exchange stores because this event is centred on the Combined Operations game style (except for buying tickets). After clearing Final, some event content will become accessible. Chapter 4, Episode 6.

The first day will be used for setup. The game mode for Combined Operations will begin the following day at 11:00 a.m. JST. There are only three levels of difficulty available in this raid, as opposed to the previous combined operations boss from the F.SCT Battle Operation.

With the Event, there will be fresh, unique material and updates:. Is there a mystery? There will be an event. At a later time, more information will be released. Koyuki now has a new furniture interaction.

Combined Operations:

A game mode called Combined Operations pits all players against server-wide raid bosses with high Health pools. This mode is also known as world raid. When the Combined Operation Boss’ Health reaches 0, Decisive Battle stage, which is free to enter, will begin. Damage dealt during the battle is applied to the Combined Operation Boss.

There are three difficulty tiers for this raid: Hardcore, Extreme, and Insane. On other difficulties, each try against the Boss will cost 10 tickets. The Boss will cost 20 tickets to battle on the insane difficulty setting.

Even if the boss cannot be beaten in the allotted time, the player has the option to confront the opponent again with the same HP as the first time. To re-enter the fight, one ticket must be utilised. One ticket will be given out every 30 minutes to those who have not yet hit the 40 ticket maximum possessed.

In contrast to standard Raids, there is no one-hour time limit and no sweep technique to defeat the boss. The boss on each of the three difficulties can be fought on a different difficulty if you choose to do so while you are still in the middle of the run since each difficulty has its own individually monitored states and won’t be reset until that difficulty’s boss has been beaten.

Affection Bonus:

Each student’s ATK, HP, and HEALING stats will rise in this combined operation in direct proportion to their bond level. Each bond level represents a +2% rise. (A bond level 100 rise of up to 200%). In exchange for defeating the boss, players will occasionally be rewarded with training materials for various pupils (such as BDs, Tech Notes, Reports, etc.) and Eleph.

Outdor and Urban will be the next battlegrounds after 1 and 2 minutes, respectively. Shiroko (Terror) will enter a DPS race whenever her health reaches zero. To win the battle, deal damage to fill up your gauge. The combat will end in failure if the enemies fill up their gauge first or if time runs out.

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