Tower of Fantasy Version 2.6 PV-Complete Details

Tower of Fantasy Version 2.6 PV: The Version 2.6 Confounding Labyrinth update for Level Infinite’s burgeoning gacha game Tower of Fantasy was just released.

This will be the next version update for Tower of Fantasy following version update 2.6 PV. The Tower of Fantasy official Twitter account has revealed the day that the upgrade will go live.

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Tower of Fantasy Version 2.6 PV Leaks

The accessibility of a new place called Lost City. Only one of the many interesting new features that this version update will offer. The new section is anticipated to give players new tasks. Fresh content to improve their enjoyment of the game and allow them to go to other places.

In Tower of Fantasy Version 2.6 PV, a brand-new imitation is introduced:

Another imitation, Lin Ye, is the major draw of this update. It’s time for the Tower of Fantasy crew to decide to add a new SSR simulacrum to the worldwide version of the game as Ruby is currently the only simulacrum in this game. Lin Ye can currently only be found in the CN version of the game.

Remember that none of these details have been made public. Rather, they have been speculated upon based on leaks provided by various communities. With the CN version of the game in mind. Since Tower of Fantasy’s debut, the game has advanced remarkably, and its creators have provided frequent updates in an effort to keep players interested.

China saw the initial publication of Tower of Fantasy. The creators made the decision to make the game available to players worldwide due to its rising popularity. However, at the game’s release, it was clear that there was a big gap in content and progression. But, as the game developed, updates began to arrive, and as a result, the gap shrunk as international players caught up to Chinese players in terms of content.

Tower of Fantasy Matrices Leaks:

Simulacrum’s matrices were discovered in the datamined files for Lin, Lyra, and Tian Lang, according to one of the infamous Tower of Fantasy leakers, Sova ToF, on Twitter (known as Sirius in English). Comparing the datamined content to the CN version, no matrices have been altered. The three characters’ disclosed information includes the following:

Lin was formerly the subject of much leaker speculation as the potential successor to Saki Fuwa’s restricted banner. The official promotional art featured Lin with Ruby and Saki Fuwa, both of whom had previously received their banner in the most recent 2.6 patch, which largely served to confirm the prediction.

Being the first Aberration weapon to reach the Global Server, Lin is a DPS with an aberration element that allows her to improve attack and increase damage.

Lyra is a Support weapon with healing and physical damage capabilities. She is the next rumoured Simulacrum to be released after Lin, and thanks to matrices, she can attack more often, gain more healing, and deal more physical damage.

Ting Lang, who will be known as Sirius in the Global server, will be the final character presented after Lyra. He is a DPS with the ability to charge his enemies and matrices to increase his charging power.

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