Fenrir x Gleipnir Tower of Fantasy- All Details

Fenrir x Gleipnir Tower of Fantasy: In Tower of Fantasy, the action takes place in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic world.

The game features an open environment that is shared. Extensive character customization, a wide range of weaponry, special mounts, and much more. People are currently fighting to reestablish freedom, hope, and order. You enter the picture at this point. Visit the game’s official website to find out more and to begin playing for free!

Tower of Fantasy, an anime MMORPG, is back with a brand-new trailer honouring Fenrir, the newest Simulacrum to join the roster. She is a girl who never backs down and whose smiles every day illuminate the meaning of life. She is capable of defeating any opponent in battle with the lethal Gleipnir weapon.

Fenrir x Gleipnir Tower of Fantasy
Fenrir x Gleipnir Tower of Fantasy

Don’t make the same mistakes as Dorothy and think Fenrir, Onion, and Potato will be good and go to bed early! To find out more about Fenrir and her unique weapon, visit the official website.

In this newest trailer for the open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy, get to know the new simulacrum, Fenrir, and watch the character in action. The day of Fenrir’s availability is March 9, 2023.

In Mirroria, Fenrir is a well-known DJ who enjoys death metal and dives headfirst into every project. Fenrir, the leader of Team Doggo, also appears to be closely linked to the inner forces of Mirroria. She uses Gleipnir, a weapon that resembles a bone-shaped ribbon on her back, as a new Volt simulacrum. It appears to be capable of releasing power that is beyond comprehension, changing into enormous electric claws that can destroy anything when engaged in combat.

Fenrir is a cute anime:

Fenrir is a cute anime girl who enjoys death metal music and is a seasoned DJ. All players will soon be able to access Fenrir in the game, and a trailer for her introduction is also provided below.

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Fenrir is the leader of Team Doggo, a top DJ in Mirroria who is well-known for her love of death metal and her reckless attitude to any work. She also appears to have a strong connection to the underlying forces of the city. Fenrir uses a potent weapon known as Gleipnir, which appears as a bone-shaped ribbon on her back but transforms into enormous electrical claws when she needs to fight.

Hundreds of years after humanity has left Earth’s deteriorating atmosphere, Tower of Fantasy is set on the far-off planet Aida. In-depth open world, cooperative group and solo adventures, freeform character development, inventive simulacra, and epic battle are all included in the game. Players can switch between weapons and gameplay types instantly to find their own distinctive fighting style.

 Fenrir’s Weapon Abilities:

In Tower of Fantasy, Fenrir is the main Volt character and has three passive attacks. The first attack with a weapon with the Volt element type fully charged will severely immobilise your enemies for a second and electrify them for six seconds, eliminating all of their buffs and causing 144% of ATK in damage. After this attack, targets are immune to buffs for 6 seconds.

There are two passive attacks in Elemental Resonance. Volt Resonance raises Volt ATK and Volt Resistance by 15% and 25%, respectively. This is activatby having two or more Volt Weapons equipp. By equipping three distinct types of weapons, you can activate the Elemental Balance effect, which will boost all attacks by 15%.

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