Summoners War Chronicles Tier List and Best Reroll Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List and Best Reroll Guide: Your quest is over if you’ve been seeking for the Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List. One of the most recent MMORPGs created by Com2uS, it can be played on both Android and iOS devices. The game has an enormous cast of characters referred to as Monsters, just like other MMORPG games.

To start, you should choose the strongest individuals because not all of them will be suitable for the team. Many players could find it challenging to reroll the greatest characters because the game recently released. In order to rate all the characters from greatest to worst, we have created a Summoners War: Chronicles Tier List.

summoners war chronicles tier list
summoners war chronicles tier list

One of Com2us’s most popular action anime games is Summoners War Chronicles. This popular RPG game quickly rose to the top of the charts and is currently sweeping the globe. Summoners War Chronicles has a large cast of characters, each with their own specialties, styles, and skill sets, similar to other games in its genre.

Summoners War Chronicles Best Reroll Guide:

Your Summoners War Chronicles squad will be able to take on the fiercest foes if the strongest heroes are on it. Nonetheless, picking the top personalities can be challenging, particularly when there are many to select from.

The Summoners War Chronicles tier list, which ranks all the characters from best to worst, has been compiled to save you from this time-consuming task.

The five tiers that make up the character list are broken down into the following categories:

S-Tier: The top players in the game, taking into account the metagame at the time.

A-Tier: Characters that stand out and are excellent, helpful in any circumstance.

B-Tier: Characters of merit who, in the absence of the greatest, can balance our squad.

C-Tier: Not terrible characters, but you should swap them out for better ones as soon as you have the opportunity.

D-Tier: The characters you must stay away from; only use them in an emergency or when you are in need of a replacement for a certain role.

Latest Summoners War Chronicles Tier List:

Here is the most recent Summoners War Chronicles tier list, without further ado:

S-Tier: Baretta, Belladeon, Bernard, Camilla, Chasun, Colleen, Fran, Galleon, Herteit, Lapis, Loren, Lushen, Lyn, Mav, Megan, Sabrina, Sigmarus, Skogul, Talia, Teshar, Theomars, Verad, Verdehile, and Zaiross.

A-Tier: Akhamamir, Alicia, Anavel, Aria, Brandia, Cadiz, Charlotte, Dark Homunculus, Delphoi, Eladriel, Frigate, Gemini, Halphas, Hwa, Izaria, Jeanne, Kro, Lydia, Martina, Maruna, Mellia, Mikene, Perna, Pungbaek, Rica, Shannon, Sylvia, Taor, Tesarion, Vel

B-Tier: Ariel, Artamiel, Deva, Elsharion, Fermion, Olivia, Onyx, Ophilia, Orion, Orochi, Pang, Phenaka, Platy, Poseidon, Praha, Qebehsenuef, Qitian Dasheng, Ragdoll, Rahul, Rakan, Raki, Ran, Selena, Shaina, Woonsa, Xiana, X

The following characters are in the C-Tier: Bailey, Belita, Fire Homunculus, Grego, Grogen, Guillaume, Han, Hathor, Herne, Hrungnir, Hwahee, Hyanes, Icares, Illianna, Isael, Katarina, Lisa, Liu Mei, Logan, Lora, Louis, Lucas, Lucifer, Lumirecia, Luna, Melissa, Mephisto, Michelle, So

Acasis, Aegir, Ahman, Akia, Bael, Baleygr, Barque, Bolverk, Diana, Mi Ying, Misty, Mo Long, Natalie, Nisha, Odin, Randy, Savannah, Scarlett, Seara, Sekhmet, Shan, Shihwa, Shimitae, Sige, Son Zang Lao, Sonnet, Sophia, Tablo, Tanya, Tanzaite, Tarq, and Tar

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List and Guide:

It should go without saying that the aforementioned list represents the author’s viewpoints. Although this page ranks each character from greatest to worst, we recommend you to use the characters with whom you are most familiar. In the Summoners War Chronicles, this enables you to discover new possibilities and master every champion.

Here, we’ll list the monsters’ tiers from S to D so you may assess their relative strength to the 150 other creatures currently included in the game. Each monster is classified according to its skill level and according to the elements of Light, Water, Fire, Wind, and others. These monsters are then classified as either S Tier or D Tier monsters.

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