Playstation 5 Update 7.00 Patch Notes, Discord Voice Chat and More

Playstation 5 Update 7.00 Patch Notes: Right now, the PS5 7.00 firmware update is available. The 7.00 system software patch for the PlayStation 5 will start to download, according to owners. The download might not be readily available in your area right away because this is a global launch. The list of PS5 7.00 patch notes, which cover Discord integration and other topics, is provided below.

It goes without saying that PS5 owners will benefit greatly from this upgrade. Voice chat integration will be extremely helpful for Discord users. But even for those who don’t use Discord, Sony has incorporated some substantial modifications to make life simpler while attempting to engage with games, posting pictures and videos to share on social media, and configuring multiplayer settings. Also, it’s always encouraging to see advancements in accessibility.

Playstation 5 Update 7.00 Patch Notes
Playstation 5 Update 7.00 Patch Notes

Playstation 5 All Software Update:

  • Use Your Ps5 Console to Join a Discord Voice Chat.
  • A Share Screen Can Be Requested or Started from A Friend’s Profile.
  • There Is a New “join Game” Icon in Party Chats.
  • Whenever Party Members Are Playing a Game that You Can Join, a Joinable Icon Will Appear on The Voice Chat Card.
  • Brand-New “friends Who Play” Tile.
  • You Can Now Check the Game’s Hubs to See Which of Your Friends Own It, Who Is Online Right Now, and Who Is Actually Playing It.
  • Activate the Play Station App and Manually Upload Game Recordings.
    1440p Supports a Variable Refresh Rate.
  • Modifications to The Game Library.
  • While Adding Games to A Game List. You May Now Sort and Filter Them as Well.
  • When Ps Vr2 Comes Later This Month, Filters in Your Library Will Make It Simple to Locate Ps Vr Games as Well as Ps Vr2 Titles.
  • Multiplayer Session Settings for The Game.
  • For Supported Games, You Can Configure Your Preferences to Control Who Can Join and
  • Who Can Invite Other Players.
  • Data Transfer from Ps4 to Ps5.
  • Data Transmission from A Ps5 to A Ps5.
  • Changes to The Screen Reader.
  • The Dual Sense Wireless Controller Has Received a Wireless Device Update.
  • Voice-Activated Game Capture.

Playstation 5 Update Player Review:

Several members of the community have been impatiently waiting for the PlayStation 5 7.00 software update for quite some time. This is mainly because Sony’s hugely successful system now fully integrates Discord after a software beta first made the capability available in February.

It’s interesting to note that Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony, first announced the inclusion of Discord in the console back in May 2021, with the feature going live for the PlayStation 5 at that time.

The new-gen console now supports 1440p in addition to the Discord integration. Many users have been waiting patiently for this function, which has been long overdue.

Users of the PlayStation 5 can check a comprehensive summary of the 7.00 update on Sony’s official website. Here are all the key points, however, for a quick summary.

It’s interesting to note that Jim Ryan, president and chief executive officer of Sony, first revealed plans to incorporate Discord into the platform in May 2021. The PlayStation 5 will be the first console to support the feature.

Playstation 5 Update All Patch Notes:

In addition to the Discord connectivity, the new-generation console now supports 1440p. For a very long time, users have been waiting for this function, which has finally arrived.

Users of the PlayStation 5 can search on Sony’s official website for a comprehensive overview of the 7.00 update. Here are all the key points, though, to give you a quick rundown. Discord’s 7.00 update, which is now available to all users and is around 1.1 GB in size, is now live on the PlayStation 5. The brand-new voice capability can therefore be tested relatively quickly by Sony console owners.

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