Mega Awaken Game Review – Complete Review

Mega Awaken Game Review: Samuel, you are a 35-year-old man by name. Your wife Jennifer passed away five years ago, leaving your daughter Lizzy and you all by yourself. You needed some time to adjust to Jen’s passing. The notion that nothing worse could occur has been your only source of hope.

You’re probably thinking. “Another board game with a cooperative escape room.” But before you dismiss this one, allow me to explain why Escape Tales. The Awakening is the most thematic escape room game I have ever played. Unlike other escape rooms. It is replayable and Also not timed or scored. So players can really concentrate on getting lost in the narrative.

Mega Awaken Game Review
Mega Awaken Game Review

You take on the role of Samuel in the game. A dad seeking to save his daughter Lizzy by resolving riddles and making difficult choices all throughout. The game features a variety of endings, not all of which are satisfying. So you must carefully weigh all of your options.

Mega Awaken Player Rewards:

As there is no time limit in Escape Tales. The Awakening, the game’s intensity is increased via the use of Action Tokens. To explore a part of a Place. You must use an Action Token. Seems simple enough. Take into account the fact that you start the game with 6 Tokens. that there are 12 potential exploration regions at each Location. And also that Action Tokens are scarce. With all of that in mind. You can probably already picture how suspenseful Escape Tales: The Awakening is from the get-go.

If you run out of Action Tokens, you will be able to keep playing the game with Doom Cards.

Unsurprisingly, you can read more about the story in The Storybook. In the format of “Choose Your Own Adventure,” each page is separated into numbered paragraphs that describe the events and provide guidance. You may be instructed to accept or discard Cards, use Action Tokens, or read another paragraph in the Storybook, or the paragraph may indicate the conclusion of the game. To prevent any spoilers, the paragraphs in the Storybook are arranged at random.

You don’t necessarily need to flip through the Storybook at random because each page’s margins list the paragraphs that are on it.

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Mega Awaken Gamer Update

The majority of the gaming elements—most of which you will use—are on the Game Cards, whereas the majority of the game’s story and directions for moving through the adventure are found in the Storybook. Cards with puzzles, objects, conditions, and maps of the location are included in this, as are cards with exits.

Lastly, the last item required to play Escape Stories is: Website called The Awakening exists. Because it may be accessible even when you’re offline, the rulebook refers to it as an “app” rather than anything else. The site will continue to function even if you don’t have an internet connection after the initial launch, but you must have one.

Mega Awaken Rewards:

The hints are provided in a similar manner to the Exit game series. The initial tip is general. And subsequent hints become more specific until you are given the solution. The number of cards (and occasionally specific things) needed to accomplish each problem is specified in a section. similar to Exit. The Game. Escape Tales: The Awakening does not punish you for using tips or for entering the wrong solution to a puzzle. In contrast to many other escape room games that are timed or scored.

According to the game’s packaging. One entire game will take a group of 1 to 4 players between 3 and 6 hours to complete. Absolutely. That is the ideal time to play just one game and have your group complete just one of the numerous possible outcomes.

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