Hogwarts Legacy NEW UPDATE AND PATCH NOTES PC PERFORMANCE FIX AND CONSOLE FIX: The players’ online connection troubles with tracking and registration, as well as several DLC-related glitches, are some of the key problems the new version has fix. The developer emphasized two primary concerns, including a glitch that would create problems in the stop and equip menus as well as a problem in which the flying ride would vanish from a player’s inventories during a task. There are now fixes for these two DLC problems.


A lengthy number of technical changes for things like audio, UI, cinematics, raytracing, speed, and more are include in the patch notes, which were post by the developer on its official blog. The player should no longer be bother by a number of tasks now that they have been fix.

Hogwarts Legacy NEW UPDATE

Hogwarts Legacy’s second post-launch update is currently accessible for download and installation. The majority of this patch’s focus is on fixing errant bugs and other issues that players have discover in the game. Hogwarts Legacy has now been significantly improved by Avalanche to make it a better game than it was before, regardless of whether these issues are relate to crashes, graphic difficulties, or performance.


General Online>

  • The registration and tracking of player accounts on the network.
  • Pause menu and gear menu DLC-related problems have been fix.
  • Resolved a DLC flying mount inventory problem where it can have disappeared in the middle of a mission.

Gameplay Mission

  • The quest’s blocker problem was resolved by unlocking the cage in the bandit camp before it started. The issue with HL-437 has been resolved.
  • Repair Madam Kogawa’s desk disappearing during a certain discussion, which prevented players from completing a quest at that time. addresses the issue mentioned in HL-1173.
  • The avatar was able to exit the space between the barrel and the furnace by leaping or opening the tool wheel.

Broom flight

  • Fix player becoming stuck when using a broom, turning a statue, or both.
  • Resolved the Viaduct bridge not landing issue.
  • Mesh breaking was fix when the avatar mounted the broom after teleporting into an open space.
  • When attaching any broom, fix shuttering and flash.

World Events

  • Avatar stopping them, fix waggon carts colliding with one another.
  • One-Man Group in Hogsmeade was fix when it occasionally respawned.


  • Characters without hair no longer have the problem.


  • Broom speed limits that are fix.
  • The incorrect display of opponent shields during Cross Wands missions has been fix.
  • Resolved a bug where opponent shields would vanish after taking many hits.
  • Constellation visibility is fix at the astronomy table.


  • Based on the closeness of avatars, the waterfall’s soundtrack at the cliffside was fix.
  • the most recent sound banks for audio.


  • revisions to the localisation strings
  • Corrected female avatar face during gaming looking differently from the creation preview. the HL-543 stated problem is fix.
  • Corrected transition between the UI buy window and the compelled vendor interaction.
  • corrected map showing erroneous route to map chamber.
  • Corrected damage representation when an adversary is struck by an Ancient Magic Throw or transformation. the following reported problem is fix: HL-4810.
  • Boost Room of Requirement tracking.


  • contemporary face animations.
  • NPC treadmilling was fix for the House Cup.
  • LOD pop and fuzzy texture were fix.
  • They occur before to the sorting ritual when Fix Avatar clothes appear before Fig.


  • Enhance performance and stability after prolonged playthroughs.
  • VFX performance should be improved during raytracing.
  • Raytracing buffers can be batch-processed and cached to increase speed.
  • Fog volumes were eliminated to improve BVH performance.

Save Game

  • Once the issue was rectified, it was fix such that talking to vendors was not possible during successive saves. resolves the HL-412, HL-494, HL-590, and HL-5260 reported problems.
  • After obtaining the “Dung Bomb” field guide & uploading a manual save, stream in and out was fix.
  • Resolved a problem that resulted in an endless loading screen when the title was turned off and an auto-save was loaded during the closing credits.
  • Resolved avatar save problem with voice pitch setting.

Performance and Stability

  • fix Hogwarts-wide streaming difficulties.
  • Resolved crash when the player was shown the common room.
  • crash with skeleton mesh was fix.
  • Impacts from a fix accident with deflection.
  • While reading dictionary files, the crash was fix.
  • Corrected performance while employing the raised Thornback Ambusher in the Rune Door arena with the ancient magic squash finisher.
  • Enhance the depiction of transparent objects.
  • a narrative graph crash has been fix.
  • Fix the plant flowing in the common area of Slytherin.
  • Many memory leaks were fix.
  • Repair for map icon state crash.
  • UI crash that was fix.
  • Navigating Hogwarts while the Great Hall is fix flowing out.
  • HL-71 is the reported problem that it fixes.
  • Crash during player occlusion tests for audio has been fix.
  • While employing explosive barrels, the crash was fix.
  • crash fixes for the Incendio spell.
  • Accio, Congringo, and Stupefy spell crashes were fix.
  • While upgrading equip items, the problem was fix.
  • Fix Solomon’s shields crash recurrent crash.
  • crash with mounting zones was fix.
  • Combat crash fix for curs lifespan.
  • The occlusion culling problem was fix.
  • Resolve a problem that occurre on the way to Professor Fig’s lesson.
  • fix crashes cause by the Niagara and relate Effects for destructible objects.
  • Resolve a problem when damage over time was improperly registering.
  • Corrected incorrect storage of the crash generating actor.
  • Actors were appropriately spawn to fix the problem.
  • During character creation, a crash was fix. resolves the HL-232 stated problem.
  • Corrected instancing in the optimization animation.
  • Repair for VFX crash that occurred after several repeated plays.
  • Transformations in Overland that caused crashes were fix.
  • The crash involving object state has been fix.
  • Parry crash in battle has been fix.
  • The crash was fix using VFX AOE.
  • The crash was fix using hints.
  • Resolved achievement crashes when using an unreliable online user ID.
  • While chatting to Rackham, the crash was fix.
  • Wingardium crash has been fixe.
  • Corrected performance decreases that occurred as the game aged.
  • Fix academic decline in the divination classroom.

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