Rocket League Ranked Playlists Are Offline

Rocket League Ranked Playlists Are Offline: You’ve loaded up Rocket League & attempted to get straight into a game, only to be faced the ultimate buzzkill message: “Ranked playlists are down”. The good news is that it’s most likely just a glitch rather than the fact that Rocket League servers are down. The solution to the ranked playlists issue is provided here.

Rocket League Ranked Playlists Are Offline
Rocket League Ranked Playlists Are Offline

Rocket League Ranked Playlists Are Offline

The Fast Resume function of the Xbox console appears to be the source of this problem. You encounter the notice “ranked playlists are offline” when you turn on the Xbox and attempt to launch the playlists right away. It appears that the game isn’t yet ready to handle the request.

Most problems have an easy fix. Just press B on your Xbox controller to return to the main menu until you get the following screen:

Everything should be OK again if you just click Play and select the appropriate Competitive playlist. Honestly, 90% of the time, that’s all you need to do to fix the issue.

If the problem still continues, you may please restart the game. To get back to the Home screen, press the lighted Xbox button on your controller. Once the game has been highlighted in the menu on the left side of the screen, pick Quit by pressing the Menu (three lines) button. That should work if you restart the game.

The Rocket League server status should be checked to determine if there are any known difficulties if you’re still having trouble joining the rated playlists.

Play Rocket League Offline

Both the training mode and split-screen co-op of Rocket League may play offline. Even in the event that a storm has destroyed your landline and you are unable to contact your pals, the latter is a great method to practice. Maybe your friend doesn’t have internet access and can’t safely go from their shanty to the. You’re lovely suburban home because the roads are too slippery. What are your options in this circumstance? It’s time to turn Rocket League offline in either of these scenarios. And play a few practices matches in solitary training mode.

Split-screen is an excellent choice for Rocket League offline gaming. The problem? We previously wrote an article about that. But let’s face it, Rocket League is one of the finest split-screen games since Lego Star Wars. Playing a few matches of classic Rocket League while relaxing in the office has been a part of some of our favorite Rocket League moments. Try it out so that you can enjoy the pleasure of creating some memories of your own!

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