Dota 2 Patch Note 7.33e- The Dead Rocking Update

Dota 2 Patch Note 7.33e: A day after The Lima Major 2023 came to a finish, Valve made the decision that enough was enough and released the much anticipated update. It’s safe to say that “The Dead Reckoning,” as the company puts it, will be among the most significant updates of 2023.

This Dota 2 battle features a lot of new stuff gamers need to be aware of, much like other significant changes in our favourite game. We at ESTNN will go into greater depth soon on all you need to know regarding the most recent update. With that said, let’s get started by giving you a general summary of The Dead Recoking Update in this article Dota 2 Patch Note 7.33e.

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Dota 2 Patch Notes 7.33e

With the new update, let’s start by talking about Muerta, the proverbial elephant in the room. The newest Dota 2 hero, who debuted at The International 11, is now available.

Muerta, a ranged INT hero, will probably be a carry or a midder. She possesses three active skills as well as a passive one that lets her attack an extra target. We won’t go into much depth here because the hero deserves its own article; instead, keep an eye on our Dota 2 section for more information.

There is a Mini-Game:

Fans of Dota 2 will have access to a brand-new mini-game if they want to try something different. Death Reckoning, which is accessible from March 6 to April 4, requires you to eliminate certain heroes or aid in their elimination. The event’s currency, Muerta’s Flowers, is awarded based on your performance.

When you have enough of it, you can trade it in for a Dead Reckoning Chest, which contains items and exclusive sets themed to the event. Nevertheless, buying Keys, which cost 20,000 shards or actual money, is the only method to unlock those sheets.

You can purchase an item called an Alatar Ball that has even more advantages in addition to the hero sets. Also, the chest will provide you access to a variety of wallpapers, which is always a plus.

New Features:

In addition to the things already mentioned, the Dead Reckoning Update for Dota 2 will also provide users access to a tonne of new goodies. Below is a brief list of the most well-known examples.

The metrics in Dota 2 can be quite helpful when determining what to pick, even while some people dislike having access to excessive amounts of information. Because of this, Valve now offers a new tool that enables Dota Plus subscribers to view gaming statistics in real time. If they do this, they will be able to learn from their mistakes and make wiser decisions.

Although though not everyone in Dota 2 uses the quick casting feature, those who do will be delighted with the new adjustments. Users can now designate which unit-specific items and abilities they want to employ when pressing or releasing a key thanks to a recent update.

You must access “Settings” and locate the “Unit Specific Hotkey” before selecting “Enable Quickcast” in order to activate the new feature.

Gameplay changes:

The Dead Reckoning Update has a tonne of new stuff you need to be aware of when it comes to the gameplay adjustments in Dota 2. We’re about to look at the specific and broad changes because there are much too many to mention in a single essay. Watch this space for our thorough Dota 2 heroes change evaluation.

You can now add pals to your Favorites in Dota 2 thanks to the most recent update. They will move to the top of your friend list if you do this. In other words, if you decide to play, you can invite them considerably more quickly.

Curiously, Valve also included a Friend Search feature to help you locate a certain person.

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