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Revived Witch Review: With some modest puzzle-solving components, Revived Witch is a turn-based role-playing game. This RPG’s main premise is straightforward, if not a little corny. One takes on the role of an amnesiac witch who explores an enigmatic tower in an effort to save the world and restore her memories. She is accompanied by a variety of “dolls,” or allies, who fight alongside her. The dolls are manufactured bodies that have been given life by souls from other planets. In essence, the doll system clarifies how persons that are important to the plot might join a party. So, Revived Witch is an RPG with a lot of recognizable elements—which isn’t always a bad thing.

Along with SNK, Yostar Limited, and PixelNeko created the video game Revived Witch. The pixel art backdrops and figures in Revived Witch can be the first thing someone notices. The entire vibe of the pixel art style is reminiscent of older Final Fantasy games like Octopath Traveler. The required drawn character portraits, which are of reasonable quality, are also included in Revived Witch. Orchestral compositions on the soundtrack give the impression that real instruments are being used. After all, the creators appear to be so pleased with it that they advise using headphones to really appreciate it.

Revived Witch Review
Revived Witch Review

Revived Witch Latest Update

It’s not too difficult to comprehend how Revived Witch works. Because of the touchscreen’s responsiveness and the action prompts, moving through the various stages is easy. The energy required to use talents is represented by two gauges that are gradually recharging during battle. Teambuilding should take dolls’ individual abilities and characteristics into account. Destroyer, Healer, Assassin, Guardian, Mage, and Compeller are among the several categories of dolls. Mages and Healers are obvious, whereas tanks like Guardians and simple warriors like Destroyers are. As Compellers apply buffs and debuffs to their targets, Assassins, high-strength rogues, attack their targets from behind. Of course, the title belongs to a certain class of witches.

The ubiquitous gacha mechanism is used by Revived Witch to buy new dolls, as is expected. Players pull a handle on the said mechanism, which generates results at random, like a gumball machine. These pulls require crystals or souls, which can be purchased in-game or obtained through gameplay. By using skill trees and unique objects, players can enhance the dolls and outfit them with better gear. Materials that are acquired through sidequests and plot chapters are needed for upgrades. There is an affection meter on the dolls as well, and it grants different benefits. You should be aware that the dolls are disproportionately feminine and frequently wear various attire, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Revived Witch Review:

Revived Witch falls victim to a few traps that many mobile games fall into, despite being strong in many aspects. Stamina is used to set a daily cap on free activities. Due to the beginning boost and free stamina potions, stamina is initially not a big problem. Stamina, however, becomes more of a challenge as one plays through the game. Aside from that, stamina potions have a shelf life. It might also get tedious to gather upgrade materials over time.

The smartphone game Revived Witch is still enjoyable. Both the presentation and the text are well-formatted. The gameplay is easy to learn but entertaining. The story and characters are not particularly original, but they are nonetheless adequate for fans of JRPGs. Only in Japanese, the voice acting is passable and typical anime fare, which some viewers could find irritating. Though hardly paradigm-shifting, this title’s execution is nevertheless strong. An RPG can be a decent time-sink for those who are willing to be patient and economical.

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