How to Beat Act 2 in Hello Neighbor 2023

Each main act in Hello Neighbor’s stealth horror game. How to Beat Act 2 in Hello Neighbor sees you attempting to outsmart the title villain and work your way around his house to unearth secrets, or even escape his nasty grasp after being trapped. All that you really want to be aware of to appropriately explore the home and departure in Hello Neighbor Act 2 is covered underneath. You can without much of a stretch come to the wrap up utilizing this counsel, however make certain to get captured a couple of times so you don’t pass up the plot cut-scenes.

Hello Neighbor Act 2 Walkthrough

How to Beat Act 2 in Hello Neighbor 2022

Starting in the strange, phony chamber you discovered in the last act, there’s nothing to pick up or dump right away, and the door won’t open. Peer through the keyhole and gaze right and left until you hear a sound that indicates something has fallen over. Glance through the window where the sheets have fallen, and you ought to hear a tick demonstrating that the entryway is presently opened and fit to be opened. Outside, hold the air channel grind before the red light to go through the creep region.

Then, climb the ladder to see that the neighbor’s house has altered significantly, and you are now trapped behind a massive fence. A pipe with a red turn wheel is off to your right in a shattered portion of a fence. Your underlying goal is to turn the wheel’s check red by pulling switches on three different lines in the area. The first one may be located by just following the fence a little further.

How to Beat Act 2 in Hello Neighbor

Get back to the yard and search for the second switch on the long line that shoots up out of the ground and streams into the house. You can’t get to it yet since it’s so far up in the air. Stroll around to the contrary side of the house and search for a window that leads into the kitchen. Break the glass with an item (such as binoculars or a sneaker), then open the freezer to retrieve the wrench.

You remember the wrench drill from the last act. Use it to remove the improvised barrier that keeps you from reaching the ladder in the back yard that leads up to the roof of the home. Ascend the stepping stool and stroll over the rooftop (it seems as though you ought to fall, however you can stroll forward over the lines). Crouch at the end and carefully advance to reach the second lever, which was previously too high up to reach.

How to Beat Act 2 in Hello Neighbor 2022

To Conclude

Slowly drag the reticle towards the red band up. Down until it widens and indicates that you may crank the lever. The third lever is located within the home. Depending on where the neighbor is patrolling, you may need to take a different path than I did. But the quickest approach is to go around and enter the front door, then via the door on your right. The pipe can be seen up against the wall close to the couch.

Break the single window facing the side fence outside. Near where the pipe protrudes from the ground. Drop a box in front of the window. Enter to see a strange corridor room with a light switch, door, and a junk-covered blocked-off space. After all three levers have been pulled, go through the door and turn on the massive boiler.

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