Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations-Complete Details

Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations: Are you searching Wo Long for all the Shitieshou? You might have found some of the cutest trinkets in any game if you’ve progressed past the first few stages of Wo Long: Lost Dynasty.

You can locate Shitieshou, tiny passive demons that resemble pandas. Strewn across the several battlegrounds of Wo Long. It’s worth hunting them down because giving them the appropriate things to eat will cause them to give you loot drops.

Don’t worry if you’re having trouble finding more Shitieshou or if you’re concerned that you might miss one. Using our Wo Long Shitieshou locations guide. You’ll be able to quickly locate all 23 Shitieshou in the game. You can go back to any level in the game after finishing it.

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Wo Long All Shitieshou Locations

There are 23 Shitieshou Places in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. All Shitieshou Places are included in this guide in the recommended level sequence. All Shitieshou needs is finding and feeding for: silver: Very Valuable!

Shitieshou are little panda cub devils that can be appeased with any item of equipment in exchange for an unpredictable prize. They move to the bamboo area of Mount Tianzhushan after being fed. None of the Shitieshou are missable; you can still find them and feed them in the missions that pertain to them after the story.

Shitieshou Locations:

 The Valley Of Crying Wraiths:

After crossing a shaky bridge to get to the Battle Flag. Descend the slope ahead that curves to the right. The Shitieshou will be on your right as you emerge from the slope.

The Demon Fort Of The Yellow Heaven:

Go forward until you reach the area of the village where three wolves are lying on the ground and an archer is perched on a tower watching over them. Jump the ditch and enter the house with the most boxes closest to the cliffside. Find the Shitieshou by destroying the boxes.

The Flying Swallow Of Heishan:

Turn right and look around the area just past the tower with the ladder before proceeding through the big wooden gate. The Shitieshou is tuck away in the little room’s immediate right-hand corner.

Fall Of The Corrupted Eunuch:

From the corrupted garden area where Xu Xiang invades you. Turn around to the right and climb up onto the awning of the building. To get to the Shitieshou on this level, go around the corner and leap over the gap.

 Escape From The Capital:

Go into the building to the side and up the stairs on your left after passing the Battle Flag that is being protect by the halberdier foe. As you get to the Shitieshou directly above the entryway where you entered the area, continue down the upper level path while jumping over any holes in the floor.

 The Battle Of Hulaoguan Pass:

This Shitieshou may be located in a little compartment in the middle of the castle wall, next to a Battle Flag. The door to this room will be closed if you approach from the Zhuyan-guarded side of the wall. In that case, you will need to skirt around the edge and enter from the opposite side. Nevertheless, if you’re coming from the other end, you should be able to see the Shitieshou right away.

Behold The Glaive Of Righteousness:

Use the wooden scaffolds in the level’s foggy area to ascend to the building’s roof, which is up the ladder and across the bridge. You can enter the building through the hole on the roof and then utilise the damaged platforms along the wall’s edge to descend to the Shitieshou.

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