Diablo 3 Season 28 Alter of Rites Path

Diablo 3 Season 28 Alter of Rites Path: Blizzard is adding new features, changing a tonne of balances, and more with Diablo 3 Season 28.

The Altar of Rites is the main feature of the most recent Diablo 3 season, titled “Rites of Sanctuary,” and players will want to know exactly where it is and what it can be use for as quickly as possible.

This tutorial clarifies any ambiguity regarding the location of the Altar of Rites in Diablo 3 Season 28 and what you can do there to easily level up your characters.

First off, despite what you can clearly see in the image above, Blizzard nearly makes it sound like the Altar of Rites in Diablo 3 Season 28 is situated someplace in the Festering Woods region in the official patch notes. The statement says:

Act 1 of Diablo 3’s main town, New Tristram, is home to the Altar of Rites. The Altar of Rites is located precisely along the path to the left of the main New Tristram centre and bends north before you reach it.

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Diablo 3 Season 28 Alter of Rites Path

As using the Altar of Rites will be one of the main foci in Diablo 3 Season 28 due to all the special benefits players may obtain, we can be certain that Nephalem will visit it quite a bit.

Alter of Rites Path for Seal and Legendary:

The Altar of Rites tree offers a variety of possible routes. Although your decisions on the tree are final and irreversible, you will ultimately acquire all the nodes, and upgrading is not very expensive.

The route provided below is only a recommendation that caters to the requirements of the majority of players, especially if you intend to access your Challenge Rift cache at the beginning of the Season (more on that below). If you want to unlock your 15th Seal early using your CR Cache, start with the Permanent XP pools before moving on to the “Items have no level requirement” power (swap No2 and No3, basically).

Maximum quality of life is prioritised in the suggested path, followed by increasing damage and clearing the tree with defensive and edge case utility nodes. You can take into account the “Critical hits grant resource” node a little earlier than what is advised below, depending on the resource requirements of your build.

One of the Seals immediately preceding a Legendary Potion Power must first be unlock in order to use it. But keep in mind that the price to unlock a Potion Legendary Power is not the same as the price to acquire Seals.

With a material call Primordial Ashes, which can be earn by salvaging Legendary or Set goods of Primal (red border) grade, potions can be unlock independently. If you complete a level 70 solo Greater Rift, primal calibre goods begin to drop. We advise you to unlock potion abilities in the following order, from strongest to weakest impact (credit of Caleko’s Altar of Rites planner).

In Season 28, where can I find the Altar of Rites?

Act I’s New Tristram contains the Altar of Rites. At the town waypoint, turn left towards Tyrael and proceed down the road past Arghus the Collector. Just before you reach the lower area where Radek the Fence sits, you will come upon the Altar. The Altar’s location is also indicat on the minimap by a huge, circular golden symbol.

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