Sons of the Forest Broken Infinity Log Glitch – Fix Now

Sons of the Forest Broken Infinity Log Glitch: When you disassemble a log cabin that hasn’t yet been built, the Sons of the Forest bug causes you to replicate logs indefinitely. Once set up, Sons of the Forest players may manufacture endless logs to create a variety of constructions. It’s a little perplexing, and we anticipate that it will be patched out sooner rather than later. Despite the fact that there are other methods for duplicating logs, we can attest that this one is effective because we have used it. Here’s a brief description of how to obtain the Sons of the Forest log duplicate bug and how to quickly and successfully stop deforestation.

Steps for Broken Infinity Log Glitch:

In Sons of the Forest, the log duplicate bug is executed as follows:

  • Using the B button, access your Book.
  • Choose for the Little Log Cabin.
  • In the location where you want your wood pile to be, place the Little Log Cabin’s empty “frame” in place.

Put the Book away and position yourself so that you are staring up at the corner of the frame of the empty cabin at the angle described above. With only your hands, begin pushing the C button. In order to avoid a red X from appearing. You need to find the sweet spot when a small metre begins to develop. In order to spawn a log where you’re looking, you must get the angle just perfect so that you can hit C and fill a little metre. Continually go through this process over for infinite logs.

Be cautious since falling and stacking logs might harm you and your Sons of the Forest team members. Possibly even taking their lives if they sustain too much damage.
With the X button. Remove the vacant cabin frame once you’ve added all the logs you desire (or use the logs to build the cabin properly).

Sons of the Forest Broken Infinity Log Glitch
Sons of the Forest Broken Infinity Log Glitch

Sons of the Forest Glitch Issue Resolved

Although the game is still in early access and has several flaws. There are various techniques to accomplish this log duplication that you can learn about online. But this is the one that we were able to successfully use. The main notion is that the game assumes you’re tearing down the logs from a half constructed structure since it continues giving you the logs you “removed” – yet plainly there’s no partially completed structure there no actual structure there that you’re pulling apart.

Sons of the Forest Broken Log Issue

Despite the apparent benefits of this bug. We must urge care because the logs might fall on you and your companions. All creatures suffer damage when a log strikes or lands on them due to the Sons of the Forest game’s physics system. Which also causes loose items to move around a lot.

With their eyes fixed on the crucial trigger point on the side of the empty cabin frame. Players frequently face up when they initiate the log duplicate bug. Which causes the logs to spawn above them and land on their faces. Even if they don’t do that, they’ll probably fall to the ground on top of a pile of recently cut logs and roll around, colliding with your legs and inflicting harm.

Make sure you’re careful since Kelvin was actually knocked down when he approached. His knees being severed by the loose timber. A half log that I laid down was broken as soon as it was laid down and was not removed from my inventory. I tested it with 1/4 logs and it worked too, but not with full logs. Which led to the creation of several half logs. The logs couldn’t be placed along the two walls. Which were at the corner of the house’s yard and near to some strange terrain.

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