Battlefield 7 Release Date Leak With Gameplay Details and More

Battlefield 7 Release Date Leak With Gameplay Details and More:Battlefield 2042 may still be having trouble finding an audience, but Battlefield 7 is apparently already in the works at EA Games.

The development of Battlefield 7 is reportedly underway at DICE Stockholm, though we advise you to take this latest leak with a grain of salt.

Throwawaysnitch12, a user on Reddit, is the source of the leak. The user claims that the information was provided by a former employee of DICE. They allegedly use to work at EA’s DICE studio in Stockholm before being let go for “no cause,” according to the initial post.

This employee has now spilled the beans about Battlefield 7 and its current development as a result of their departure from the company. According to the post, Battlefield 7 is being develop on a new engine and is aiming at a 2024–2025 release date.

At this time, we don’t know which engine DICE is employing to make Battlefield 7. The franchise has so far been power by the studio’s Frostbite Engine. Projects from EA Games have been develop primarily using this engine. This includes games like Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dead Space Remake, and Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Battlefield 7 Release Date Leak With Gameplay Details and More

Although abandoning EA’s proprietary engine doesn’t make sense, the recent release of Battlefield 2042 may have highlighted certain issues with multiplayer Frostbite development.

Battlefield 7 Release Date:

Update: DICE has announc that Battlefield 7 will be releas on February 28, 2024.
Battlefield 7 fans have been anticipating information about Season 4 for some time so they can plan ahead. We now actually have a tonne of official information for Battlefield 2042 Season 4 thanks to a recent blog post from DICE.

The fourth season of Battlefield 7 is currently available! With the new season, there will be a tonne of new material. Players may anticipate a new specialty, a new terrain, new weapons, and much more. Everything gamers may anticipate from Battlefield 7’s newest season is list below.

What Is Coming To Battlefield 7:

There are many intriguing features in Season 4 for players that are eager to try something new in Battlefield 7. Blasco, a new Specialty, is now accessible. She is a recon specialist who can prevent lock-ons from hostile devices in addition to making herself invisible to motion-based gadgets. She is ideal to send in first to determine where the adversary is hid because DICE advertises her as the ambush specialist.

Two map upgrades are currently available as well. Battlefield 7 is getting a brand-new map call Flashpoint. In addition to Flashpoint, Discarded is also undergoing a revamp to address the issues that players have had with this map. Season 4 also includes a sizable number of weaponry in addition to those mentioned above. Below is a list of the weapons that are currently playable in Battlefield 7 Season 4.

A new vehicle dubbed the CAV-Brawler is now available in addition to these weaponry. As the CAV-Brawler is swift, everyone inside should be well protect. As you can see, Season 4 of Battlefield 7 has a tonne of new material accessible. So if you haven’t already, it might be the perfect time to start playing.

Battlefield 7 Emotional Backbone:

Prior to the release of Battlefield 7 next year, the report claims that EA will stop supporting Battlefield 2042 at the end of 2023. Battlefield 7 has a distinct campaign and is similarly set in the 2020– 2030 time period.

Following directly on from Final Stand, the single-player campaign’s main objective is to prevent Russia from creating the PAC. The primary playable character of the game, Recker, also makes a return. According to the source, Battlefield 7 would have large set pieces and a “emotional backbone”.

According to reports, Battlefield 7’s 128-player PvP modes will return in the multiplayer. Also, it is design only for new hardware. With a “major demolition event” on each of the 7 scheduled launch maps. A fully destructible metropolis is also being considered.

The same gun modification options as the present gunsmith will also be available in multiplayer. A server browser option for user-created games will also be included in the game. The SBMM is being prototyped.

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