Sons of The Forest Next Update, What’s New in This Patch Note

Sons of The Forest Next Update: Endnight Games has been striving to improve the early access experience for users while survival game Sons of the Forest maintains its dominant position on the Steam charts(opens in new tab). Even though it’s a modest patch, today’s release resolves a few significant community requests.

When Sons of the Forest(opens in new tab) first launched. There was no hotkey system, so players had to either open their inventory and click on the item they required. They had to add items to their backpack before holding it up and selecting the item or weapon they wanted from that. The interface wasn’t precisely intuitive and the system had a strange feeling.

But thankfully, today’s update includes a hotkey system. You can now use your inventory to assign objects to the number keys (0–9). A little empty UI box will appear over items like a handgun, shotgun, or bow as soon as you hover your cursor over them. To assign a number to a key, press any number between 0 and 9. Simply tap that number while playing, and the given object will materialise in your hands. Well, this is much better.

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Sons of The Forest Next Update

Sons of the Forest Next Update Release Date:

March 9 marks the release of the following update for Sons of the Forest. On this day, a fresh patch is anticipated to go live for PC users. Potentially resolving a number of bugs, kinks, and performance problems.

On March 9, Sons of the Forest is anticipated to receive a new patch. This comes after Hotfix 1, which was released on February 24 and resolved input mapping and a problem with removing the book from the backpack without the game shutting up.

Developer Endnight is able to use hotfixes to rapidly put out fixes for urgent problems like game-breaking bugs. Players should expect to see a full-on “patch” declared and released, though, when a variety of bug, glitch, and performance fixes are combined with new content.

New Update Grab Bag:

The clumsy interface has received a few more minor but welcome improvements: pressing Escape will now close the building manual, the “grab bag” (while you’re holding up your backpack), and the tutorial book. More suggestions have been added to the loading screen, and cutscene prompts have been updated for better visibility.

With the hotfix, you can experience issues running any mods you might be using, such as the debug console mod that enables you to experiment with Sons of the Forest cheats(opens in new tab). I first had trouble starting the game with mods, but after a fast shutdown and reset of Steam and the Thunderstore mod manager, everything seemed to be back to normal.

Bugs and errors are to be expected since this is a fresh release on Steam Early Access. Losing ground and performing poorly, though, can still be upsetting. Let’s hope the upcoming patch fixes a lot of issues.

The next update’s general content is still up in the air, although it’s expected to include a lot of additions and modifications. A modest patch was previously applied to the game to address more obvious and fixable faults. Sons of the Forest’s countdown does not appear to have been altered in any way by this update. To put it simply, when that timer finally approaches zero, players can anticipate far more than just bug patches.

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