Octopath Traveler True Final Boss Recommended Level

Octopath Traveler True Final Boss Recommended Level: You should be aware that the final monster has two stages and requires two teams of four before charging into the Gate of Finis. While the second phase focuses more on physical attacks, the initial phase is centered on elements.

Octopath Traveler True Final Boss Recommended Level
Octopath Traveler True Final Boss Recommended Level

We advise selecting the classes listed below for the initial gathering: Priest, pharmacist, businessperson, sorcerer, and dancer. You can classify your characters any way you like; these are essentially the essential classes for the elemental phase.

All eight characters have Saving Grace, which allows for overhealing, as far as passive support abilities go. You can absorb more hits in a single round if you do this, therefore it’s pretty much a prerequisite.

But, if you can acquire them for your whole party, every character will have a 25% chance of striking again at the conclusion of the round, which is highly important. Patience is also essential for your support and healing character.

A Surpassing Power upgrade for your Sorcerer is also advised. The last thing to do is to ensure that you have unlocked the divine talents for each class you will be using in the battle.

Octopath Traveler True Final Boss Recommended Level:

The first phase’s primary target is the eye, which is vulnerable to knife, axe, and light assaults. It will receive a supplement at the beginning of the phase with just three shield points. The eye will continue to call ads throughout this phase, so you must kill them all at once to render the eye defenseless and enable you to begin delivering actual damage to it.

You should instantly breach the add’s shield at the beginning of the battle with Lux Congerere thrown by your sorcerer before launching an all-out assault on it. Cast Peacock Stomp on your wizard, then uses Aelfric’s Auspices on him before letting him unleash a barrage of amplified light magic.

This is the major strategic loop you should use. On a typical turn, you may begin by casting Energizing Fruit on your Cleric before casting Aelfric’s on your Sorcerer for 3 BP. Your Sorcerer will be ready for the upcoming turns if your Dancer casts Peacock Strut on him.

A second Energizing Pomegranate should then use on your Apothecary. And you ought to then cast Dohter’s Compassion on your Merchant. Refreshing and Reinvigorating Jams may  use on your party by your merchant to restore your HP, SP, or BP as needed.

This is largely for healing purposes. I digress. Avoid using Revitalizing Jams absent Dohter’s Charity. This is a terrible waste of materials because you’ll need a handful of them for the following stage.

Octopath Traveler True Final Boss:

The true final boss of Octopath Traveler and the game’s main antagonist is Galdera, the Fallen. Among the Thirteen Gods who formed Orsterra is he. He has the authority over both life and death, and his other name is “God of the Accursed Flame.”

Galdera and Lyblac will be seen for the first time, and you’ll assume charge of your auxiliary party. Energizing pomegranates should be used on your Apothecary first, and Dohter’s Charity should be thrown on the Warmaster. Your Cleric will serve as your temporary healer in addition to that. Let the Warmaster then use an Energetic Apricot to restore everyone’s BP.

The secret to succeeding in this phase is to have Tressa perform Transfer Rune on herself. Followed by Sidestep across the entire party to deflect physical attacks. Your Warmaster should also constantly spam their divine talent to cause AoE damage to the boss’s three components. Sword, dagger, or light strikes will fail to harm Lyblac. Bow, spear, and sword assaults on the head are ineffective.

The blade is vulnerable to wind and lightning, and as it changes forms, it will also be vulnerable to fire. Your Runelord should concentrate on applying Light Rune to each person first, and then use the other element Runes to remove the blade afterward.

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