Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben

Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben: NPCs are given to players in Sons of the Forest so they can have friends during their journeys in-game. For instance, in Sons of the Forest. Players can choose between Kelvin and Virginia the three-legged woman as their NPC allies. Although Kelvin is by far the most popular one. In spite of this, there may come a moment when you or the island’s dangers harm or even fatally shoot Kelvin. As Kelvin cannot be resurrected or healed in Sons of the Forest, only natural players may be curious about this.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben:
Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben:

The only companions that players may heal in multiplayer are NPCs like Kelvin.

In summary. Healing Kelvin in Sons of the Forest is feasible, but there is a price. You will discover Kelvin around when you awaken at the crash scene after first meeting him at the beginning of the game. After that, you might choose to assist him by taking him as a buddy. If you’d prefer to work alone or with Virginia instead. You can decide not to have him as a buddy. But doing so requires killing him.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben:

But, there is a way to cure or resurrect him if you change your mind and decide to save his life or if he is hurt by your, mutant, or cannibal assaults. Step up to Kelvin until a medic cross icon appears on the screen to do this action. When asked, use the “E” key on your computer or the A/Square key if you’re using a compatible gamepad to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest.

There is a possibility that your NPC companion will resurrect in multiplayer if he dies as Virginia did. (Image: Jade PG via YouTube)
In order to heal Kelvin before he stands up, you must press and hold the “E” key for as long as you can. Kelvin theoretically cannot be treated in that manner if he has sustained further injury, which calls for greater healing. In the event that Kelvin passes away instead, there is a potential that he will come back, but only if he was murdered by mutants or cannibals.

Sons of Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben:

Otherwise, he won’t reappear in Sons of the Forest if he passes away at your hands. It should be emphasised that you can only cure Kelvin in multiplayer; this does not apply to single-player.

No matter how badly hurt Kelvin is, he will be downed after he has sustained enough damage, indicating that he needs to be healed. Nonetheless, accidents do happen, and we most certainly did not hit him with an axe to see what would happen.

You only need to approach him, press down the action key (E on the keyboard), and keep holding it down to heal him. You should see a popup with a medical cross and the button to hit confirmed.

Keep the button down long enough, and he will recover and stand up. And if everything goes as planned.

All of it boils down to that. He runs the risk of dying if additional damage is dealt to him before he is healed; if that happens, there is no way to recover him other than to restart the game from a saved state.

Sons of the Forest wiederbeleben Kelvin:

It’s possible that the healing feature is broken. However, some users have complained that it doesn’t work. Bugs might appear because the game is in Early Access on Steam. Endnight, the developer, should fix any such problems.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben:
Sons of the Forest Kelvin wiederbeleben:

It’s simple to revive Kelvin. All you have to do is make a few small changes to two files in two different locations. This was a guided tutorial on how to do it in case you run into any issues. Ensure that your game save is backed up.

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