Sons of the Forest All Armor and Clothes Location

Sons of the Forest all Armor and Clothes Location: Do you want to find Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest? The beautiful island life that is the focus of Sons of the Forest is not its only aspect. There is a whole tale to be discovered here as well, but in order to go there, you’ll need the Golden Armor. That raises the question of how to obtain Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest as you cannot construct it while it is in your inventory.

Sons of the Forest all Armor and Clothes Location:
Sons of the Forest all Armor and Clothes Location:

The methods for obtaining Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest are covered in this tutorial, along with a description of how the Golden Armor functions.

You must travel to the green ping shown on the map below in order to obtain the Golden Armor. It is to the southeast of the snowy peak, next to a sizable lake, on the right side.

Sons of The Forest All Armor and Clothes Location:

You’ll see a cave entrance when you get closer to the green ping. Press “L” to pull out your lighter or flashlight before entering the cave. Of course, if you’d like, you can also acquire the Pistol and utilise the lighting attachment to illuminate the cave.

When you descend farther into the cave after entering it, you will eventually come upon a secret lab corridor. To reach the bottom floor, descend the stairs and use the Maintenance Keycard on the door in front of you.

In order to locate the Shovel in Sons of the Forest, you’ll also need to obtain the Rebreather and the Rope Gun in addition to the keycard.

Sons of The Forest All Armor and Clothes Location:

Go on down until you get to a yellow door, and then you may interact with it to enter a cutscene with a very meaty mutant and some… new buddies. Turn around and exit the room after the cutscene is over.

Sons of the Forest all Armor and Clothes Location:
Sons of the Forest all Armor and Clothes Location:

1. Go straight ahead and down the stairs once more until you reach floor.

2. Walk through the open door up ahead on this floor, then count the doors on your right. 3. Run through the third open door when you reach it to uncover the Golden Armor.

After discovering the Golden Armor, descend the steps ahead and eliminate the mutants there. Turn left and proceed into the lab once you reach floor five. Kill the mutant that is leaping inside, and then grab the Golden Mask from the body on the centre table.

The Golden Armor does not appear to provide much defence, making it a poor choice for use against foes. Consider creating the Tech Armor in its place for improved protection.

Sons of The Forest All Armor:

You must still locate the Golden Armor, though, as it is necessary for winning the game. You cannot enter an endgame location without the Golden Armor, but we won’t reveal what occurs in this guide.

Although it doesn’t provide much protection, the Golden Armor is impervious to strikes from foes. As a result, there is no need for you to be concerned about it breaking before the game’s conclusion.

But, we don’t believe this justifies using it by default because, as was already said, there are alternative armour kinds that function far better. Keep the Golden Armor in your inventory until you get to the last room, then put it on to finish.

You’re covered by us! A huge, mysterious forest serves as the setting for the open-world survival game Sons of the Forest. As a result, it conceals a variety of mysteries and remote locales. The location of the Golden Armor Set in Sons of the Forest is described in this guide.

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