How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest

How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest: You’ll go on a harrowing trip as you make every effort to complete the task alive in Sons of the Forest, which pits you against a number of terrifying foes on a secluded island.

How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest
How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest

If you want to know exactly what Sons of the Forest finishes, whether there are any alternate endings, or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

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Ending Sons of the Forest :

If you find the backpack, then the rescue chopper will take off without you, leaving you stranded on the island indefinitely. The achievement “Fight Demons” will be give to you if you complete Sons of the Forest with this ending.

You will depart the island if you decide to board the rescue chopper as usual. This is the happy conclusion of Sons of the Forest and will award you the accomplishment “Fought Demons.”

This under structure is quite similar to the other bunkers you’ve explored up until you reach the restroom. By passing through the break in the bathroom and engaging with the mysterious golden door, you may enter the subterranean system that is filled with magma as well as a new, twisted kind of Sons of the Forest mutant.

If you have a cross from your travels, it’s time to put it all on. The Sons of the Forest weapons you employ can cause some damage to these mutants, but the cross has the ability to set these demons on fire exactly where they are.

  • Staying put would be a bad ending.
  • Kelvin and you should depart the island.
  • The best outcome is to leave the island with both friends.

How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest:

Virginia will go with you on the helicopter if you accept her as a companion and prevent Kelvin from dying. The accomplishment “Keep Your Friends Near” will be yours if you find this hidden ending.

How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest
How to Unlock Ending Sons of the Forest

Choose the first alternative if you want a satisfying conclusion. As your guy is going back to society, you obviously saved his life. That concludes Sons of Forest’s endings in its entirety.

A nice ending and leaving the island may lead some players to believe. It is impossible to continue the game, although the contrary is really true. The Creative Mode will become available when you finish the main plot.

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