Sons of the Forest Green Dot On Map – Complete Details

Sons of the Forest Green Dot On Map: Sons of the Forest doesn’t always make travelling about and figuring out where you need to go particularly easy. Because it’s a survival game that places a lot of focus on being a little hands-off with its players. This is especially true for how to utilise its map or GPS Tracker. Since it’s not so easy, you should put some map markers down to prevent getting lost so quickly.

You must first locate a GPS Locator in order to set map markers in Sons of the Forest. The purple exclamation marks on your map represent these little fobs. Which you can discover all across the island. Use the middle mouse button to zoom in and out and identify the ones that are closest to you.

Sons of the Forest Green Dot On Map
Sons of the Forest Green Dot On Map


Sons of the Forest Green Dot On Map

These GPS Locators are items that have been abandoned on the island or that have been found on the bodies of previous visitors. We had to use our brand-new Modern Axe to take out our first one. Which was on a man who was dangling from a cliff.
The GPS Locator may be found inside the orange container by opening it after entering your inventory with I and selecting it. After you have the GPS Locator, you can use it.

But if you want to put a map marker down, you should first buy a stick. With your stick attached, gaze down and right-click until a circle appears on the ground. Insert the stick with a left click, and then turn on your GPS locator. Right-clicking allows you to select from among the several symbols that will display on your map.

After you have the desired symbol, position it by left-clicking while looking at the top of the stick.

Sons of the Forest green Dot on map:

When you hold C to remove the GPS Locator once more, this new map marker will no longer be visible. Although the approach isn’t the clearest or most intuitive in the world, it actually does make it easier to navigate the map and add notes for future reference.
Another option is to build a shelter, which just needs 1x Tarp and 1x Stick, to act as a kind of map marker. At these places, you may relax and get money.

Holding C will allow you to deconstruct the shelter so you may relocate it.

We put created a quick guide on where to locate water in Sons of the Forest if you need additional help.

Sons of the Forest green bot:

Sons of the Forest is a Computer game. Three GPS locators are among the many items noted by Sons of the Forest on the map. Yet after you get them, you might discover that using them is a little difficult. You’re at the proper spot if you’re a little unsure on how to utilise the GPS trackers in Sons of the Forest.

By following the purple marks on the map, you may locate GPS locators, which are objects in Sons of the Forest. The GPS trackers can be equipped in your hand after being picked up since they will be added to your inventory.

To modify the way a GPS tracker appears on the map, left-click while holding it to cycle through different icons.

After becoming friends with Virginia, you may engage with her to access her inventory and gift her a tracker. On this screen, you may offer her weapons like a shotgun or handgun. But, you can also give her a GPS tracker so that she will be marked on the map.
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