How to find KEYCARD and CAMERA in the Forest

How to find KEYCARD and CAMERA in the Forest: Finding out where Timmy was taken to is a requirement in the survival horror game The Forest. From specific spots on the map, you will be able to harvest various items. You can obtain the keycard and video recorder in The Forest using the methods listed above.

Go to this side of the beach first, where the mountain is visible to your left and in front of you. Search for the tiny gap in the rocks that marks the entrance to the cave.

How to find KEYCARD and CAMERA in the Forest
How to find KEYCARD and CAMERA in the Forest

How to find KEYCARD and CAMERA in the Forest

As there will be many mutants down here, be ready before approaching. Amass sufficient food and water supplies.

  • You can find some effigies in a little settlement near the beach.
  • Be ready and use the gap to enter the cave.
  • A tent that you can use to save the game right away might be visible. Continue to descend using the ropes after that.
  • There will be numerous mutants to eliminate, including a spooky mutant.
  • Continue until you come upon the key card on the ground next to the bodies.
  • If you keep going, you’ll eventually come across the video equipment, but the tape is absent.
  • Go further until you come across another tent that allows you to save the game.

At The Wood, you can purchase the KEYCARD & CAMCORDER. The protocol must be followed in order for you to obtain either of them.

Find KEYCARD and CAMERA in the Forest

You’ll need motors and explosives in order to obtain a keycard and a camcorder. Use a map and compass to navigate up to the cave beyond. To enter the cave, you must climb through it and then immediately turn left.

You must keep going deeper into the tunnel. A yellow rope will be in your path as you proceed. You must ignore it and continue straight ahead while moving in the left direction.

A skull will be found along the road. That indicates that you are moving in the proper direction.

Simply continue in that direction, and you will come across a rope. Below, there will be three CANNIBALS. They will approach you to murder you once they are visible through the edge. Therefore to murder them, you will need Molotov cocktails and explosives.

Once you’re finished, descend and destroy the wood barrier.

Heading directly will now bring visitors to a different rope. You must be vigilant and use molotovs and explosives to murder them. Try to avoid killing them there before you fall.
Once you’ve finished, descend and grab the camcorder, which is at the end of the room on the left side.

How to find KEYCARD

You still must turn around and look behind you to find the Keycard. Right away, exit the cave.

A lunch plate can be found in the cell close to the door. A metal key and a message are located when you move the plate. In order to exit the cell, use the metal key. Your protagonist wants to bury his diary before leaving the room. Visit the office, take the diary out of one of the drawers, and get the keys hanging behind.


If you want to hide the diary, open cell IV and make use of the wall hole. Pull the lever to leave the room at this point. To try and escape your attacker, run down the hall and towards the light.

Turn around as soon as you awaken and grab a pocket watch and a piece of metal off the table. A bag is located on the opposing side to increase the amount of room in your inventory. Just in front, on the ground, take note of the luggage. Find a code by closely examining the metal object. To unlock the suitcase and retrieve a key inside, enter the code on the padlock’s dial.

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