How A Player With 10,000+ Hours Prepares for Lightfall

How A Player With 10,000+ Hours Prepares for Lightfall: The sixth year of Destiny 2 will begin with the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall in just a few weeks.

Players may anticipate a big rise in Power level, the addition of Neptune as a new playable location, and the launch of a brand-new raid on March 10th with a major expansion. Moreover, Season 20 and Lightfall are both released at the same time.

Players may be asking how they can use the last few weeks of Season 19 to prepare for such a huge content upgrade. Here are a few methods for gamers to prepare as much as they can for Lightfall. Stocking up on supplies is one of the most crucial things to do in Destiny 2 before a new expansion Prepares for Lightfall.

The most Enhancement Cores, Enhancement Prisms, Ascendant Shards, Ascendant Alloys, and Legendary Shards should be the players’ primary goals. For players who wish to Masterwork or Infuse any new Lightfall weapons or armour they procure, Lightfall prepares.

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How A Player With 10,000+ Hours Prepares for Lightfall

Particularly after the raid, these resources will be useful. In addition to masterworking, Lightfall will replace Resonant Elements, which are used to make weapons, with materials like Glimmer and Enhancement Cores.

Season of the Haunted:

Before Lightfall is released, players will want to finish any Season of the Risen, Season of the Haunted, Season of Plunder, or Season of the Seraph (Seasons 16 through 19) content. All of that Season’s content will be taken out of the game on the 28th and placed in the Destiny Content Vault. This applies to both Vox Obscura and Operation: Seraph’s Shield, the challenging quests that, when successfully completed, award players with Dead Messenger and Revision Zero awards, respectively.

While the tasks will no longer be available, Xur or the kiosk in the Tower will still be able to sell you Exotics. Until Lightfall launches, Bungie has not confirmed how players can obtain the catalysts for these weapons, although it is safe to assume that they will most likely drop from Core Playlists. Psi Ops and Heist Battlegrounds are two examples of seasonal activities that will stay in the game and added to the Vanguard Operations playlist.

Along with activities, users should purchase any seasonal games like Reaper, Seraph, and MMXXII before Lightfall launches because these games won’t be available once the new expansion starts.

Players will also wish to unlock any desired weapon patterns for seasonal weapons in addition to the stuff from Seasons 16 through 19. Players will want to construct these weapons, whether they are from Bump in the Night or the new IKELOS weapons, before Lightfall makes them unusable.

Reach Pinnacle Cap:

One of the greatest things for Destiny 2 players to do before an expansion is reaching the Pinnacle Cap, which is now 1590 Power (excluding the bonus from the seasonal artifact, of course). The Power cap is significantly rais by expansions, therefore it doesn’t hurt for players to be at the previous maximum at the beginning of a new expansion. Witch Queen did offer all players a modest bump to 1350, but Bungie hasn’t said whether they’ll do the same with Lightfall.

Players of Destiny 2 may be aware that unfinished bounties eventually expire. However, fulfilled bounties remain in the quest log until they are turn in by the player. A practise that some players have been engaging in for years is stockpiling completed bounties, which they then turn in one at a time once they have acquired the subsequent seasonal artefact. The rationale for this is that it enables players to immediately gain access to a number of seasonal mods and a Power boost 10,000+ Hours Prepares for Lightfall.

Destination and Gunsmith bounties are two excellent bounties to stock up on. The weekly bounties should also taken advantage of because they offer substantially more XP than the daily rewards. Players will benefit from a head start in the newest expansion and Season thanks to this.

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