Hogwarts Legacy- The Centaur and the Stone Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy- The Centaur and the Stone Walkthrough: In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a tonne of side tasks to perform, some of which aren’t particularly crucial to the main plot but enable you connect with the diverse other characters and figure out how you stand with them.

They can also assist you in locating certain valuable items, such as the collection chests that are frequently located in numerous dungeons. You will travel to Moonstone Garden with Poppy in the hopes of stopping the poachers from taking the animals near Hogwarts. Here’s how to get about and get all the treasure while you’re at it The Centaur and the Stone Walkthrough.

You can only obtain this quest, which is a part of Poppy’s relationship side quests, by completing her earlier quests, which start at your first Beasts class. After encountering the centaurs in the forest and receiving a letter from Poppy claiming to have found Moonstone Garden, this quest is launched. You can meet her there by taking the Floo Flame to Irondale and heading southwest towards the chat bubble icon on your map.

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Hogwarts Legacy- The Centaur and the Stone Walkthrough

Moonstone Garden in Hogwarts Legacy: How to accomplish it:

Adhere to Poppy inside. You should come prepared when you arrive. Dugbogs that are scaled to your level will be present for you to battle. Their strikes can be fatal, although they aren’t particularly difficult to defeat. Make sure you have plenty of Wiggenwalds on hand before entering a dungeon like this.

You can get a tiny chest and few galleons by using Accio to open the drawers at the entryway. The next step is through the stone door on the left side. You’ll need to use damaging spells like Confringo, Bombarda, or others to get through.

You will eventually reach a larger, overgrown area where you must battle some Dugbogs. Once you’ve defeated them, look up to see a legendary chest.

There is a sort of platform below the breast that is on the ground. Another stone wall that you can scale is to your right. This can be penetrated to reveal a moth spinner. You can use this to raise the platform and make it easier to get the chest, but you’ll need to go back because there aren’t any moths close by.

For the time being, enter the stone door on the left to proceed through the Garden. On your right side, there will be another tiny chest to find. Continue up the road and cross another downed pillar when you reach a room with more drawers. You can open up these drawers to discover a few more Galleons before moving on by turning to the left and ascending the stairs The Centaur and the Stone Walkthrough.

Puzzle of the Garden:

You will encounter the Garden’s opening puzzle here. There are several rune carvings and drawers along the walls prior to the barred gate, which has two moth spinners on either side of it. By removing the drawers that correspond to the right symbols, you must locate the moths to activate the spinners. Moths are present in two of them. Here are the steps to opening them:

The first moth is inside the entrance on the right side, next to the symbols for the trinity and a circle with spirals. You must pull the drawers marked with the identical symbols in order to open it. Just next to the entryway is the trinity emblem. Pull it with Accio, then move to the left side and take out the first drawer there by pulling the spiral-shaped circle.

The door has a circle with spirals and target symbols, and the second moth is within. You must open the two drawers on the left side. Again, the first symbol on the left is the circle with spirals, and the target symbol is immediately to the left of the entrance.

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